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The Love I'm Searching 4

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Dec 21, 2009 | 4:40 PM EST

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Author Comments

This was a project I've been working on for about a year and a half. I'm happy to finally be able to share the final product. The goals of this work were to improve my ability to make backgrounds--because if you know me (or have seen any of my past works/excuses) --they aren't my strongest suit. :3

So what I tried to do was make a mellow episode of a series that mostly only had over-the-top action scenes. This would give me grounds to strengthen an ability to make something beautiful to look at, as well as fun to watch.

***To put the story simply: Ilu would love to be a conductor when she grows up. Likewise, her friends would love to be great artists, dancers, and even skilled musicians. But the daily mechanical grind of their lives don't really lead to any real chances to find that love they're searching for. By the end of the animation, neither Ilu nor any of her friends reach their goals--but based on Ilu's passion, they all get a bit closer somehow. And that was the kind of animation I wanted to make. ***

What you see here is what I'm honored to share with you.

(I'd love supportive comments just as much as the next guy, but if you have something critical to add, please--PLEASE--do so too. Thought-rich comments appreciated above all else.)

Thanks you very much for the Daily 1st, Newgrounds community.
Woot for the FrontPage, NG Staff! I appreciate this so much. :3



Rated 5 / 5 stars


Ok so first off i will comment on the 19 mb flash its not often i do review flash thats that huge but i suppose it cant hurt, only issue with that for me anyways is it does tend to take a much longer time to load up especially on much slower machines and such, now while you do have alot to get all in there, i would hope you thought that people might enjoy your flash if they could get past the load time much faster, And i do only say this because it did take awhile to load, and my machine is not all that slow either, maybe it could be done in maybe two parts? or maybe some of the high detail and effect parts could be toned down? them are just a few ideas, Now on more positive matters i liked your menu page very smooth looking animation with the yellow strips and such, i liked it, And now as for the flash itself.

Ok so as it finnally starts, it was well worth the wait i must say, really smooth animation some of the best "QUALITY" of visuals and wow again for some awsome camera agles. really made for an awsome flash, everything ran smooth i did however think it ran too fast though, you have some brilliant characters and everything all seemed to work around eachother, also some nice effects like backround lights and shadows, this truly was like a realistic movie with very unique and wild characters i was so pleased to see this even with the size that it was so very welldone, maybe not so large if size next time though.

Lowering the file size would be first on my list, i went into detail above, but the main point is longer files take longer for people to get to your presentation, so make it easier for people to view it with less of a file size that would sufice,

One hell of a movie as it was more like a movie then any flash i seen so awsome job i really enjoyed this


Skaijo responds:

I really appreciate the indepth review. I'm going to continue working on compressing the images that I move into the animation, which will increase their pixelation just a bit but greatly reduce the overall filesize of the animation. I guess I just took for granted that everyone was on a high connection to the internet, but trying to watch my animations from my work computer and comments like this has really opened my eyes that I should be a bit more fair when it comes to size. I'll certainly put the effort forward. <3


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Wow, impressive

A very nice piece that has far reaching consequences and the style of the cartoons being drawn onto a partially traced, partially photographic background is incredible. I think that you've interpreted the music very well and have provided something very compelling to watch, while fascinating on the style and plot fronts.

I think that the style of giving the four main protagonists in the gang the same headphones, but represented by differing colours does lend a little bond of sisterhood to the girls and as a result, it allows a more empathic link with the viewer. This friendship that is shared seems to be a stronger one than the outward bond of the siblings, since they seem quite against one another, which is understandable, when you are in the same surroundings as a relative as close as them for too long.

Some of the references were a little strange and I had to watch this a few times to pick up on how the plot was being exposed as a whole, but aside from adding a subtitles bar, there wouldn't really be all that much that you could add to this piece by a way of improvement. I wonder if you would ever bring these characters back as a sequel?

[Review Request Club]

Skaijo responds:

Your review is highly appreciated. As it is, there won't be a sequel to this animation as this work was the the capstone to a series where the main focus was crazy fast pacing and random fighting/action scenarios. The goal was take a bit of a risk and try something on a sensitive note. I had a lot of fun working this out (thought the song certainly had it's repetitive moments of agony). The style of this and hopefully future animations is a combination of all Flash techniques used side by side, harmoniously. The next step is vector art and more subtle shading--which I hope you'll get to see during the next major project.

I've got an older sister myself. The bond I have with her is so strong that I easily take it for granted whenever possible. xD


Rated 5 / 5 stars


It may not be the main point, but to me it stands for following your dreams. even if it doesn't get you closer just try b/c in the end it will happen. for me i want to become a video-game creator, artist(i can't draw worth SH!T ): or a scientist.

I kept on trying i was happy with my results(I'm always happy :) and I haven't even gotten closer till 2 days ago after thinking about what i saw in December, I did something different and got farther.I'm still trying to get even further.

I hope one day i can do something as good as this. What I say to myself is just like the stars in the night sky, keep on shining.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Just So Brilliant...

I had to watch it twice. A compilation of scenarios and analogies that so many of us face in our day to day lives. The passion you give the characters, your depressing undertones of hopelessness, and the persistent grind in day to day life are all extremely evident and well done.

The quality of your animation is, of course, superb, seeing as how it holds so many emotions and feelings within it. All the little details in here, from the headphones to the toast getting dropped on the floor, make all the difference in the world and just seem to add to an almost theatrical effect.

I really like this animation as a whole because it was very thought invoking. It reminded me of my own passions, as well as my friend's passions, and how far away they once seemed as careers. It's hard to believe that the same artist of the "Professor Layton" series (a much more comical, and also highly enjoyable series) could produce something of such contrasting quality and style. It was also highly enjoyable the way you managed to work the comedy in to the toon while remaining relevant to your theme (hoisting the kids up the flagpole, the dancer falling over in her room, biting in to the dirty piece of toast, etc.).

I only favorite things I could watch a hundred times and not grow bored with, and this is one of them. Thank you Skaijo for such a wonderful contribution. It's amazing.

5/5, 10/10

May your creativity flow forever.

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Skaijo responds:

Hey, I really appreciate the textual pat on the back. xD It's a very rewarding thing to come to after a week-long study-fest. I'm glad you caught and took the time to mention all the little bits the flashed by, you're certainly the first to mention the toast (and it makes it all the more fun to read and know that someone in the world caught that). :P

During long projects like these, I do smaller stuff with my friends (ie Layton) to keep the juices flowing and feel productive. It also helps me from getting too stagnant, making the same project over and over again. Anything to keep myself from animating into a corner.

I could really relate to this project though, because I want to become/stay a scientist and school is SOOOOOOO HARD. Goodness. It's a lot of hard work. But that's the only secret too it. I wish you the best on your loves too.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


i have to say that this is amazing. everything is put together perfectly and the flashes matches the song so well. i enjoy watching this every time im on newgrounds and i even downloaded this song. it deserves the 10 stars, and for this flash being made to improve your back rounds you did almost perfectly. not many are able to do such a great flash without insulting their style or rep. in all i love this flash and i cant wait till you make more.