Armored Corps: Deluxe

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Survive endless divisions of spike mounted armored vehicles and tanks. Decide your tankmod upgrade priorities. And overcome enemies with raw firepower, endurance, speed and/or allied support strikes. Survive 30 days and night defending your position from hordes of unique armor and their bosses.

*Updated 12/13/2009

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holy tits dude

is this that game you were working on way back in '04/'05? i always wondered how that would turn out

love ya, man

-Mike L

Rage Glitch

you get unlimited rage when you activate another rage while still in rage mode.

Really endless

I got to day 51 and I saw no difference. I'd say it would've been better if you made more sounds for each weapon. Firing the fuze thing and firing the first rocket makes the same sound. I would have liked to see different maps too. One map for ten days or something like that.

ShadowInsignia responds:

Well Armored Corps Original has a lot more days compared to this version. The backgrounds aren't as well designed but they do change every 25 waves. AC original is worth more for the rare few who play longer than average. I'm glad you got that far. If i didn't have so much trouble fitting a leaderboard into it that would've counted for something.

I included that fact that there are only 30 unique days in the description.

Sound is one of my favorite parts of production. It's the most time consuming when you're starting from scratch looking for free effects that are both high quality and match exactly what's needed.

Thanks for the review and playing to 51, you beat me by 10 days.

Kinda easy at the end, need tweaks

Rather than keep saying "Division boss incoming" when he really doesn't, put that message only when it really comes.

At first the game's a little hard, then as you upgrade your guns and kill the division bosses, the points given are really too much (wtf 200k points for a kill?). Rage is really useful earlier on, and the support too. Got to day 30+, then i was wondering when was the final boss going to come out, since it kept saying "Division boss incoming".

Just a question. When does it really end?

ShadowInsignia responds:

Survive endless divisions of spike mounted armored vehicles and tanks. It says it in the description haha. Well after day 30 you're doing to see the same final boss squad and all 30 unique enemy detachments. After that it's all about what you've got to prove and checking out all the guns you didn't buy for next time you play.

There is never a chance to get 200k points for any group of kills. What you were rewarded for was ranking up to General or Commander. Which pays the most amount of score then caps.


nice. but not the best.

i've seen a tower defense who's better than this. the enemys movements are too fast, and their bullets always hitting you everytime. that's sucks. you just run around and do nothing but shoot.

ShadowInsignia responds:

This genre would be considered shoot n shoot or action arcade. Tower defense is a whole category in itself. No offense if you've served but there isn't a lot of missing in combat, let alone tank warfare. Try the best wheels with a smaller chassis you could move fast enough to dodge the majority of what's flying at you.

That's a little harsh saying you do nothing but shoot. Not only could almost ever action game be classified under that statement. But there are complexities here that do not suck. Play it for a little longer your advice seems vague.


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4.01 / 5.00

Dec 21, 2009
2:03 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun
  • Daily 5th Place December 22, 2009