Mikes Bedroom

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I really wanted to upload something to newgrounds since I was young. Unfortunately I've lost all of my semi decent movies so I've attempted to recreate one of them. VERY badly :D. Hope you enjoy this movie for all of its failures. Also... Please give constructive criticism.

*Edit* - Originally had audio (very badly done... was SUPER out of sync, so re-loaded with no audio)


It may not be a well thought out something

But I loved it!!! Anything with a witty smart ass sword fight is definately awesome. Even without audio!

DiceMan2009 responds:

^_^. Cheers for the positive/honest comment. Ill try to update it with some audio so its a bit better.


it was ok....i guess. you DEFINITELY need sound..
but i dont really see it getting very big, so dont get ur hopes up

DiceMan2009 responds:

i would be EXTREMELY shocked if this got big. I know its lame. Cheers for the comment about sound. And your totally right. Sound is a must in every movie (unless its silent)

8for funny,3 for Animation.

Tas god but animation is everything,along with drawing

DiceMan2009 responds:

^_^. Cheers for the positive/honest comment. Im happy you found it funny. Next time ill work on the animation A LOT!

Sub Sub par

A uhm very different and uh interesting admission I'm sorry but I gotta give it a 3 for effort at least. Work at it. Take more time in script and detail into your animation. And most importantly as well add voices!

DiceMan2009 responds:

^_^. Cheers for the honest comment. I think i should get 1/10 for effort as i didn't relay put any in. Ill be sure to add voices in the future though! (individual sound clips so it doesn't go crazy outta sync)

Here's some help

Okay a lot of work needs to be done before you upload to newgrounds and receive rave reviews and maybe some awards if you're lucky.
1 - You need to develop a plot or an idea that will entertain or inform your audience. It needs to be appealing to a viewer other than yourself. This movie did not have such a plot and if it did no viewer is going to search for it - it has to be clear and concise.
2 - Graphics need to be appropriate and aesthetically appealing/clear. Your drawings were basic at best and just not of a standard any viewer is going to want to watch.
3 - Sound is something of underestimated importance. Don't use your mouth for all sound effects unless it complements the flash and does not appear tacky. You also need to sync all SFX accurately.
Hope that helps.

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DiceMan2009 responds:

^_^. Cheers for the constructive criticism. Ive got this reply saved on my computer for things I'M GOING to improve on.

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2.40 / 5.00

Dec 21, 2009
12:05 PM EST