A Newgrounds Christmas

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::::: EDIT ::::::
thanks so much for all the nice reviews and frontpage/award! i appreciate it. trying to respond to as many reviews as i can get around to :)

anyhow, a few people have asked for me to post the group picture at the end. i already did, enjoy it!:
http://www.newgrounds.com /art/view/jazza/a-newgrou nds-christmas
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::::: EDIT :::::


This is my Christmas present to you all, thanks for being so awesome and supportive. This flash is a tribute to all the great NG originals out there, and to all the people who love them.

Big thanks for the voice talent of:
Tom Fulp
Johnny Utah
Geoff Edwards

I hope you enjoy my present

God Bless Us, 'Everything By Everyone!'



WHAT!!!! no CHARLIE the unicorn!!!!!!! WTF!!!

Jazza responds:

again, i forgot some characters! sorry...


I'm sorry but I'm a bit tired of this kind of animations where people vote 5 just because you putted a ton of characters you do not own.
Animations was ok, drawings were meeeh, so I think I'll leave you with a 7.

Jazza responds:

fair nuff :)

It was charming.

Very awesome for the holiday spirit, and NG fanboys throughout the world. The cameo's were well done, although there seemed to be more emphasis on Swain's Blockhead and Mastermind than anything else...almost making it disproportionate with other cameo's. It's like, "We got Tom Fulp, Swain, JohnnyUtah, Swain, Egoraptor, Swain, this guy, and Swain!" y'know?

(Don't get me wrong...I love Mastermind. :P)

That, and Egoraptor's humor seemed....strained. The Kenstar reference was weakly plopped onto stage, as if to say, "Here." and walk off. That whole bit where Egoraptor was all over the place about that arm-wrestling match tried SO hard, I felt embarrassed FOR him.

In-all, I think what would've helped the flash tremendously is if it had a plot; The Grinch wanted to silence the citizens of Whoville, Polar Express challenged faith on a mystical journey to the North Pole. Present a conflict, a story structure...stuff like that. Y'know, WRITE something....this would normally be the point in the review where adding content like that would help the score, but my opinion can't beat over the feverish preteens that five it the moment they see the turtle from Toss the Turtle convulse in a puddle of it's own juices.

References seem to take precedence over creative material in the eyes of the average user.

*sigh* ....Oh well.

Voted five. Merry X-Mas!

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You did a good job, better than I could anyway. Only thing I'd say is maybe make it a little longer if you make another one :p.


Looks like you love your self. i mean, your intro "Jazza Studios" i just said that that could be a little discret. not like, i'm better than you blah, blah... come on.
and the fact that you "own" those guys doesn't give you the right to expressed like that on a movie, like trying to said that you're the best.

Well yeah that is all.
not the worst but is way to far to be the best.

Jazza responds:


sorry, you make me laugh. how about considering i'm an animator, and like to animate my own characters? and as for the jazzastudios thing? it's a freakin website plug, not an i'm better then you blah blah blah' clip.

and the whole "I OWN YOU" wasn't ME speaking you moron, it's tom fulp, and it's a bloody joke.

get over it.

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Dec 20, 2009
4:26 PM EST
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