Resident Evil 4: Merchant

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This is my first video game parody. It came to me while I was playing through the game on the Wii. Darn shame I killed him at that point and the game was on the hardest difficulty level but it was all fun. For the most part. I hope you all enjoy and please leave a comment I would like to know how to improve as always.


Graphics were good, pacing needs work

Your graphics were well shaded and detailed for each still, but I think it would have been nicer to see more, well, animation. Like, when the merchant came on, it wouldn't have hurt to put a few more frames as he turned.

Also, the pacing needs some work. A lot of the movie was drawn out and unnecessary, like the start where he walked along with the gun was too long. A second of that would be enough to get the message across. As for the joke, it was predictable when the coat was opened, and you milked it too much by using a slow tween down his body; should have been faster to shock the viewer.

It was too long for just the one joke; it would probably be better if the characters conversed a little more or something.


i didnt like itt cuz ive seen it many times on other pages and in newgrounds to so i didnt like it that much and it was kinda funny though keep up the good work

ehh nothing new or interesting

This joke has been done to death more than RE4 itself.
-Decent visuals
-Hardly any animation
but the fact you got this altogether shows commitment.
Keep up your animations though shoot for more original things.

that was lame



This joke has been done several times before.
This was badly animated and the sound quality was atrocious.

Grimm331 responds:

It was a big honor to get a response from someone as big as you. It meant a lot you did... what? Wait...You have done nothing. Piss off.

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Dec 20, 2009
12:27 PM EST
Comedy - Parody