Punch a Bitch

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To slap a girl is not enough, lets punch her face with our fists so rough. Female brutality is the way, domestic violence is okay.


awesome treat

hey guys i just found the ultimate cheat.keep pressing the space button,then put something on the space bar,make sure its active.the game keeps punching.i got 1013 hits.damn this cheat is good

It can be fun

I liked how you could just punch this stupid woman over and over and over. I have no clue if there's any end to this game, but I honestly doubt it. It's a little disappointing how you can reach a certain point where you simply can't cause any more damage to her. It can be fun just doing the same thing, as the sounds are realistic enough. That woman does look pretty stupid, so perhaps in some way she deserves it. I suggest you have more going on and more detail in your next game.

Kind of offensive and unentertaining.

Though there are some other things like this on the site this one is just brutal. No really entertainment value. I will commend the smooth animation but other than that it's not anything special. Music is dated and on a short loop, so its pretty annoying.


1 star for decent animation (in a technical sense).

In my opinion, whatever talents you may have as a flash programmer and animator should have been used on a more aspirational idea.

To clarify the Blam, I'm not offended, disgusted, or condemning you.
I simply think that ruining another human's face is not something to be enjoyed with light humor (such as your limerick).
Such acts foster decay, and foolishness... two things which this world doesn't need any more of.
Lastly, I'd like to remind viewers that my opinion is MY opinion... and I am not, in any way, passing judgement upon the people who found this entertaining.

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For some reason I find this hilarious...

You should do one of a guy getting beat up by a girl.... I hit her 200 times, xD need more build up damage and then eventually some kind of ending... based off of time and how many beats. fun little game.

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1.96 / 5.00

Dec 20, 2009
9:59 AM EST