Mumphy (Quest for Banana)

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A cute platformer featuring 4 unique worlds (12 scenes).
Jump on enemies, collect stuff, defeat the boss and claim the top of the online highscore!

Note: The controls may lag a bit if you got a lot of stuff running or if your machine is a bit older. Sux :)

Edit (2009-12-20):
Fixed some issues regarding framerate drops and jumping. Hope the game plays a lot smoother now on older machines.

Edit (2009-12-21):
The Dopefish lives!!

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i would say the biggest problem with this game is it is way too blatant a ripoff of mario. every mechanic works exactly the same and the art style is a complete ripoff.

you even copied mechanics that are universally considered terrible. like lives/game over/etc.

good game but the movement is too fast.


It's cute... I tired of it quickly, though. The stones are REALLY hard to aim, and there were some places I couldn't jump onto!

Could be much better.

It looks decent at first, but I quickly notice some irritating aspects about this game. Ignoring the fact that this game is pretty much yet another Mario clone, here are the things that could be improved.

Firstly, the stones are pretty much useless, because they arc over your enemy whatever you do. So you try, over and over again, and what happens? I run out of stones just at the moment I thought I'd hit it. Might as well stomp your enemy.

Secondly, the graphics are deceiving, especially the log-shaped platforms. That means most of the time, you fall through! This gets even worse when you try to approach a platform from an angle.

Thirdly, I'd say the sound effects are decent but some are a bit out of place, especially those that play when you stomp some enemies. Those Koopa-like things, would you expect to hear a crushing noise when you stomp on them, when in reality it just retracts into its shell?

Overall, I'd say this is a decent game, but could be way better if these problems were addressed.

Reviews, reviews

Well, for a platform game on flash, it's still okay..... BUT i think it lacks originality, and i can refer it as a Mario clone.
Otherwise, it's a pretty okay game.

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3.43 / 5.00

Dec 20, 2009
6:01 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop