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Flashtrek Broken Mirror 4

rated 4.18 / 5 stars
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Dec 20, 2009 | 1:33 AM EST

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Author Comments

this is only partilly mine
credits too:DarkOne(helping)Josh(
progamming)vexxiang(sprit es)Me(ideas an consept)



Rated 0.5 / 5 stars


Well, its okay. There are some glitches, like of those in stations. Technically, all you did is just take Broken Mirror 1, add some different colors to the menu, changed the starting credits (Even put the Starship Troopers Theme which i think you have to ask to do so), and thats pretty much it. You could have spiced it up a bit, like aquiring Broken Mirror 2, change stuff (not like you did in here), and make it better, free of glitches. I know your trying to make this better, but wheres Broken Mirror 3? How do we know what happened? So when we start (as a human) we have to convince the Earth Empire (Should be Terran Empire) to become the United Federation of Planets? How about the Dominion? They only got Erasariel, you cant even buy their Dreadnaught. When you make another one (better not steal it), I suggest making a whole different one. Check out FlashTrek: Delta Expanse for example, its the same thing! We Trekkies (and some Non-Trekkies) wish to see a whole different type of Flash Trek. This line of different gaming, like reprograming the original game but its identical in many ways, is killing its self. I enjoy Flash Trek, but its getting boring. Too bad Vex hasn't come out with a new one.

Nonetheless, this chapter is downright terrible. Its the same thing as Broken Mirror 1. Im not trying to be an idiot, but what i say is true.

Live Long And Prosper,


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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

In all honesty. . .

The only reason the rating is as high as it is is the fact that the glitch i was -most- annoyed with was corrected. The changes to the original layout are less than aesthetically pleasing, IE the old menu was far more. . . . colorful. I've played several of these broken mirror games and all I can say, is i like 2 the best, aside the lack of fixing the building glitch, and the fact that the original beta removed the cube from the system (you will be assimilated. . . ). I like the look and feel of BM2, but i like the Borg more. Anyhow i'm digressing from my point. Point is Yes, you have seemingly repaired the building glitch, but if i had to compare the two (if they both had the same glitch) I'd say Vex's original beta for BM 1 was better. And on top of that this game hasn't changed from BM 1 enough to be called 4 in my opinion, seeing as BM2 is easier on the eyes (although heavy in the glitch department) than this, BM 4. I admit it -is- nice to be able to build again now that i don't have to wait on the error system buildings (if that is what caused the glitch in the first place). But you've pretty much butchered this one otherwise. Also, why aren't you allowed to make 3? All this confusion about how many hands are in the conception of this project and i'm not sure due credit is being given here. The Jury's still out till Vex responds to my msg on another forum >_>. I didn't like the fact that allofasudden Dominion takes over Cardassia, nor that there are so many gramatic errors. It really lowers the quality of the overall project. It actually negates the building glitch removal making this no better or worse than BM 1. It's just a little different, but in all honesty i've played the beta, and not much was changed except for the building glitch, the beginning, the Earth Empire insignia and radar, a few "vry few as the models for some were taken straight from BM2" ships, a couple planet descs might have changed, and you added Dominion as a playable race, even though there really wasn't much need since the Jem'Hadar had already been put in with sufficient ships (i dominated the galaxy easily using only the ships blender provided, the cruiser is just like driving around a fancy car to compensate <_<).

Also note, if you're in the business of fixing glitches, i'm sure you are aware of the one where the stations sell glitch items. Even if Vex gave you permission to alter BM 1 as you see fit, i'd at least offer the suggestion of doing more than changing a few minor details and fixing the glitches before you can call this BM 4. Anyone who's played all of them can tell you that even BM 2 only -vaguely- resembles BM 1 with the scrolling map, and the pretty interface (not to mention the editor).

I couldn't begin to put the time in to figure out how to fix the bugs in a flash game like this, so i admit, kudos for that. But i don't feel enough is different from BM1 to warrant calling this 4, especially since BM2 is superior (except for the glitches and lack of Borg). And as much as i've played them all, I only had problems with the save in this one. My saves have never been deleted in any other BM. I am however hoping that since someone is still working on this project that there will be at least ONE finished BM out there. But to be honest, i'd rather see a finished BM 1 or BM 2, not a half finished BM 4 and a non existant BM 3. If you plan to continue in the business of perfecting the BM series or even just one of them, do me a solid and make the Borg AI better. I build tons of crap on Vex and still the borg just sit there with drool hanging from their mouths. The lysians could demolish them without thinking twice. . . And also, the borg flag would be a nice addition. i know it exists (from the editor on BM2). And none of this means i don't like the game BTW. I'm not even a trekkie and for the last 2 weeks i've not slept more than 30 hours because of all the BM games, and that generally doesn't happen for me with flash games.

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qwertygh responds:

It doent appear to happen to me with firefox.i'l look into it.and thanks for the nice review :)


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

getting there

needed more aggressive fleet and bring back the old menus much cooler. noticed that some of the space stations had a glitch or 2 in the purchase menu i think one more game and it will come out perfect and hopefully there will be more than that, maybe multiplayer


Rated 4 / 5 stars


But the combat in the game good use an overhaul as its almost impossible with the ships moving so fast and even though you can use ctrl to cycle throught the ships it only works once after you destroy one ctrl won't select ships anymore but other than that good game

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

No fuck!

So fun. I can't stand away from Flashtrek Broken Mirror 4.

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