The Final Console Bout!!

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Im going to buy myself a console soon and after much researching around the interweb i have accumulated some facts that have helped me in my decision.
Watch the cartoon to find out which console has won my cash!

Update: Had my ps3 awhile now, good times!
Xbox 360 in my opinion is a fun console and the whole xbox live experiance is great but
two dead xboxs are enough.. well one should be enough for anyone but apparently it isnt.
It amazes me that faulty products usually get pulled back and sorted but with microsoft products its almost expected and accepted.



If the PS3 were to take over the world, that's how it would do it.
And if Wii were to survive, that's how it would do it as well.

I bought my Wii because it was the cheapest console, had games from consoles I'd long given up, and had what I've found to be an interesting control scheme for games that use it. Also has the most games I want to play.

If I were to buy a second system, I probably wouldn't this gen. Too many good games split evenly amongst the Xbox 360 and PS3, plus the games are too expensive, though PS3 stands out 'cuz of Blu-ray and the lack of console Russian roulette.

Or I'd let Capcom decide with a new console-exclusive Mega Man game lol.

So true...

That animation was good. Now in terms of the consoles (Yes i have one of each):

Xbox360- its a great system if you get a more recently made one. My cousin gave his to me when he went back to college and it was about a year after the initial release. I've had no problems with it and the games are great. No complaints. 7/10

PS3- It's friggin expensive (games and console) but it has some of the holy grails of video games (see Disgaea 3!!) and i could sink hours upon hours into it. Best for the hardcore, no technical problems, and even the cost isn't a problem anymore since it is only $299 now. 9/10

Wii- easily overlooked as being the best of the three consoles based on sales, it is actually the weakest of the three technically speaking. It has a control schemes that screams "I am a gimmick and a buttload of gimmick games will be made based on me!" Nintendo slapped hardcore gamers in the face and made a "blue ocean console" to market to the casual gamers. Even so, I have to give it bookoo credit for being the only one currently able to be soft-modded (easily). Pretty good. 6/10

my Mac- do I even have to describe this god of gaming with it's Mac/Linux/Windows capabilities and every game I could ever need right in the memory? I mean seriously, Computer gaming will ALWAYS PWN. 1000/10

So as you can see, the PS3 is the best, the XBOX360 is second, and Wii comes in last (even though Computers pwn).

and yes I am a Nintendo fanboy. That doesn't mean I have tunnel-vision though.

Spot on!

I've had all three consoles, and the only one that survived was the PS3. I guess it's sort of like survival of the fittest. My 360 got RROD 3 times and on the 4th I just said f*** this I'm getting a PS3. Best decision I have ever made. I've had my PS3 for a year and a half and it's still going strong. As for the Wii... I gave that to my grandparents after a year.

It was a bit short, though.

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The animation was a bit too short, but I enjoyed your art style. The beginning with the Xbox360s was hilarious, I have a friend who experienced 4 malfunctions and send backs to Microsoft( the main reason why I wont buy one right now). I have a Wii, and it is just as useless as your 'toon suggests, I've played it like 20 times for incriments of 2 hours and I got bored with it, mostly because the online on most games is very bare(even on hyped up games like SSBB). I don't get why the PS3 won though, even though its my favorite concole out right now, I think the PC should have came in and threw and atomic bomb. Otherwise this was a great flash that I enjoyed watching, and keep up the good work.

Sinius responds:

True pc would be a nuke em all but i guess i dont put pcs in the same category though thinking about it i should what with the current consoles trying to be pcs..

wii isn't that bad

hell funny thing about that wii's sales are in fact the hight out of the 3 ,that's pretty much because all the casual gamers bought the wii. Anouther weird fact is that there are more casuale gamers than hardcore.

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