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Thank you all very much for your awesome feedback!

Don't forget to recommend TREBL2 for the Rhythm Games collection!

I decided to put together a Facebook page for TREBL, where you can follow the development of TREBL 3: Rhythm Arcade (and offer your suggestions/feedback). Check it out:



awesome game

this game... it is my favorite, but ya as mentioned before just make the difficulties more smooth (easy to FREAKING IMPOSSIBLE) i got 12th on making me nervous (new favorite song)

Oh goddam it!

This is awesome- If it seems daunting at first, persist, and you'll find how enjoyable it is!

Beautiful music, graphics and "contrails".

Excellent game- I'll be posting a link to this everywhere and I'll be sure to make people recommend it for the Rhythm Category!

And btw, do a few songs and soon enough the hard ones will be unlocked, only took me 10 minutes to unlock them.

Good work!

Face <(X_X)>

bigdumbgames responds:

Hahah, I'm so glad you like it! :D

One of the things I'm really focusing on for the next one is easing the learning curve. This game is, as you put it, very daunting. I'm worried that right now, a lot of people pop open the first song, see 10 rows of notes falling towards them, and freak out. In the next one, I want to make the transition from total beginner to rhythm master a lot more natural.

But anyway - I should stop chatting and get back to working on the next one!

Very good

It's a highly addictive game. It's well put together, and I honestly am waiting for whatever new content comes with the third. The video lag can be annoying at times, but if you play more by how the audio runs it's pretty accurate. Sometimes notes appear to be off or missing, but overall this is a really good game. Fix the lag and it's a 10.

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Can't believe I've only just found this. It's really, really good. Although it's not very playable on this laptop because of the sync with my keyboard / timing but I imagine this will be fixed in 3. My only criticism is so many songs being locked; it's fustrating being forced to play easier songs after playing much harder songs in Stepmania and KBO. I think maybe have only the harder stuff locked for a later challenge.

Really looking forward to 3.

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bigdumbgames responds:

Glad you found it!

One of the things I'm changing in TREBL 3 is the way new songs are unlocked. I don't want to spoil the surprise too much, but the essential gist is that as you play the game, some songs will be automatically unlocked for you, but you'll also have a chance to pick and choose specific songs that you want.

Anyway, it's been a very busy year since TREBL 2 came out, but development on TREBL 3 continues, slowly but surely! I'm looking forward to publishing it as much as you're looking forward to playing it. :D

Nice, but a little sketchy.

The concept is great, the execution was well put into place, and its definitely a fun game, with all kinds of potential.

It was just a bit laggy :/
The frames get jumpy so the keys don't move so smoothly,
and the audio gets pretty out-of-sync with the visual aspect.

I'm looking forward to seeing how you fix these details in TREBL 3 :)
Keep up the great work!

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4.35 / 5.00

Dec 18, 2009
12:02 PM EST