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This project was a work of 8 months of tweaking and animating.
Me and Denise wanted to do a little contest online to do a music vid for
someone after a spat with youtube and then we chose this because of the
lyrics and the chance to kill some undead in a non profit project.
The guy singing also provided the sound effects.
Nate Ridder, his brother provided the art work of the lil poster you
see on the walls. Big hello to everyone in Norwich England!


also, slow processor users, please lower quality to medium for a better frame rate play
thank you everyone and also those here who encouraged me to post animations again
on the site.


Song: Graveyard Shift-

(c) 2008 Aaron Michael

I work the graveyard shift tonight
Not a customer in sight
That's when the darkness comes alive
And I know I must survive


Night after night, night after night
I must fight the zombies
Fight after fight, fight after fight
I see what's before me

Night after night, night after night
I'm going the distance
Fight after fight, fight after fight
It makes no more difference

I tell the manager the next day
He just thinks I'm crazy
He doesn't understand the stains
From the blood and all the brains because...


On my own but not afraid
Pull the pin from a grenade
Tossing sticks of dynamite
As the fire fills the night


The liquor store burns to the ground
Zombies approach and surround
Raise my shotgun to the sky
These foul creatures they must die


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Cool zombies

Zombies are always great, and i loved watching this, lots of zombies lots of action and lots of killing, and you were even able to throw in some "HUMOR" so for those aspect of things, it was pretty fun packed, and love all the action, but mainly the zombies, I thought you could have managed to make it somewhat longer, but for the mostpart it was pretty good as it is, now as for improving you could spice up the "GRAPHICS" abit more, more goulosh and gore wouldnt hurt either, but other then that this was pretty good, keep up the good work, i wouldnt mind seeing more like this, anyways nice job.

now as for improving you could spice up the "GRAPHICS" abit more, more goulosh and gore wouldnt hurt either

Zombies are always good

I was so focused on the action that was going on with the zombie killings and everything, I was not even listening to the song! I find it funny how the thing that was able to cause him the most damage was that cat. I do not even know if that was supposed to be a zombie cat. Judging from the title, you have no idea what the cartoon is going to be about. I loved watching this even though I am not at all familiar with the music involved. It was weird how he threw the zombie head in the microwave when he did not even need to.

Imp-beast responds:

LOL glad you liked our lil show lol. Our organizer wanted graituous lol
and I gave it to her XD. thats actualy her evil cat I put in lol


I'm still blown away by your animation talent, Imp-beast! This is definitely one of your best.

Imp-beast responds:

It wont let mecredit you liek I wanted but now the animation to your top
left will have your name and it points to your myspace so people
can listen to all your music bro. It was cool workin with you.


front page material

I called it.


its great, although you could have included the lyrics to make it better

Imp-beast responds:

good idea
I've put them in the description now.

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Dec 18, 2009
3:23 AM EST
Music Video