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Dance Roto

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The semester is over! This is my final project for my junior animation workshop class. It was our interdisciplinary project, where we had to find someone from another major and work with them to create something. I got one of the dance majors of my school, Shelby Joyce, to volunteer her dancely abilities.

A few weeks later and a mountain of wrist pain later, this is what I've produced.

Hope you like it!

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It's an awesome short, I liked it. :)

Looks good

Is that you who is supposed to be represented in this? If so, then you really know how to move well. It's probably at its best when you get to see the silhouettes in the background. I am not that familiar with Rotoscope, but it's nice to see people working with it. The music is also quite stylistic and it gives off a nice feeling of being in part of the adventure. Granted, it wasn't that big of an adventure, but still cool.

It could have been longer, but it did pretty well with what it had. I'm guessing it could have been more elaborate, but you don't need that to be good. This is simply a decent flash to watch and the good overweighs the bad. I hope you manage to do well in your semester and this seems like it would give you a good grade. I would know what it's like to struggle in college, especially now.


excellent rotoscoping top marks

I thought I already left a review for this...

I placed it on top of my favorites list(meaning you're gonna get a 5 a day for a while)

My current facebook status includes a link to this flash with a comment about watching the new iTunes commercial featuring my music. haha

I truly am honored you used my tune for your final project. If you ever want something to be made custom, just send me a private message. I would be more than glad to oblige, I work better with guidelines anyways...

Great video!

Not bad...

But you've used raster objects. And it is traffic and bad quality. Next time trace figure or counter with brush.

alexapdos responds:

They're all vectors. It was put into After Effects, exported as an flv, and then had to be put back into flash in order to be uploaded to this site. I know the quality's not the best, but I don't really know a better way to get something from AE to flash :/

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4.61 / 5.00

Dec 18, 2009
1:28 AM EST