The Night The Floor Shook

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Oh snap, and Audio Portal fag trying to animate, I definitely should just stick to the music. Although, I can say it was fun to mess with Flash a bit.

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Not bad by any means.

I didn't expect a musician who I'm not very familiar with outside of one song used in one of Vortex00's submissions to make a few flash movies himself. This kind of reminds me of flash submissions from 1999-2001; a time when people weren't concerned with what a bunch of sanctimonious, smarmy, self-absorbed, isolated pricks had to say. With that out of the way...

In terms of visuals, it may not be cutting edge to the point of being overblown, but gets the point across. However, I would recommend that you work on your perspective for a bit because it looked quite skewed. Plus, the frame-by-frame could have been a bit smoother. In terms of sound, you may be a famous musician that I'm not very familiar with, but you had balls to use a song that wasn't one you made. By the way, that song kicked major ass. Then there's the content, for something that looked plain; it could have used some more shot variety to make it more dynamic. Not to mention that I think you could have used a preloader scene because having it loop wasn't a wise decision. Plus, three megabytes for something looks rather plain tells me that you could look up some tutorials on optimizing flash.

What I do like:
-Excellent song selection.
-Good frame-by-frame at the end
-Clever use of tweening
-Reminiscent of older flash movies

What I don't like:
-Disproportionate file size
-Skewed perspective
-The overhead lights could have been better animated

Overall: It may not be top tier, but a reasonable effort none-the-less. DJ Harlock/Cross 666, here's an eight from me.

Cool beat

While the graphics are lacking, the music more than makes up for it and transports you to memories of moving to that beat. Did you mix it yourself, Cross?

Cross666 responds:

No no, I think the original was done by Dj-N *look to the left*

Needs work, but looks okay

You might have some potential in animating.

Sweet song though.

To the the truth ...

It actually wasn't that terrible. :P It was a good setting for the song that was playing, and at least there was some slight change.

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3.38 / 5.00

Dec 18, 2009
12:06 AM EST
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