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Street Fighter Club

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Well this was different. I never thought I'd animate something like this. XD Truthfully I'm completely new to Street Fighter. So this was really a challenge for me. Honestly this was my first collaborative project. I never worked with someone else on an animation, so I thought this would be good for me. Anyway, thanks Rina-chan for letting me do this. X3

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Ew :( But I like the Third Strike music :)


I know this is a really old flash, but without any exaggeration, this has to be by far one of the worst things I've ever seen, and all it took to break me was the first 10 seconds of the whole thing, I was planning to see how bad this actually was after seeing the Street Fighter Chode animation, and my god, although Street Fighter Chode bashed hard on this, it didn't do justice on showing how awful this whole thing is

I'll start by giving the only positive of this whole thing, that is the animation
Although people said that this animation is garbage even back in the day, I have to disagree on that one, Scoot did an decent job on the whole thing, the backgrounds look fairly decent, the characters don't look disgusting to look at, the animation itself is fairly good, and even the emotions/expressions on the whole thing is pretty nice, and that's as far as I'll go

And for the negatives?
This flash is basicly everything horrible about internet humor and old internet basicly
Rina-Chan's style of humor was always horrible, so horrible that it could barely be considered humor considering there is no planning or science behind it whatsoever, it all revolves around "funny character said funny thing hahaha we quote it so it funny cuz its randem LOL! XD", and it wouldn't be as painful if she didn't do that at every fucking two seconds
You're presented with a "joke" that's not even funny to begin with, and it doesn't have any setup or payoff, and another horrible joke is thrown at you at a schizophrenic rate while you're still trying to process the whole thing down, so even if they do land a joke, you'll probably miss it because you'll be focused on how terrible everything else is to even notice the positives

Quoting internet quotes or even characters quotes on itself isn't enough to make your jokes to be considered jokes, when you have no setup, or you payoff is awful like this whole flash is, all you'll be left off is dated internet references or "RANDEM XD!!", and that's basicly all this flash is
Ryu says shoryuken? Get Ken to ask for a cookie and then Ryu says "Sure you can!" because it sounds like the name of the move he's doing, isn't that funny?
Sagat sounds like he's saying Tiger Breakfast, so have the King from the Zelda CDI game to say "But I wonder what's for dinner" because it's so random! LOL!!!
Akuma is in hospital because he's known for have low health? STREET FIGHTER REFERENCE LOLL!!!!!

This is genuinely one of the most painful things I've had to sit through to watch in order to review it, and this encapsulates everything wrong with internet humor or old flashes, and in all honesty, despite how much I've ranted on this review so far, I'm still not doing justice on showing how awful this whole thing is, you gotta watch it for yourself in order to know a fraction of the pain I suffered while trying to review this

I think this is the worst flash to be non-ironically made, and even if it was made ironically,it would still be one of the worst things to be ever conceived to this world, and the fact that this exists, means we already failed.

this doesn't deserve a 5 or even a 0. It deserves a 1.5 for making me suffer through the entire video. I know this movie is old, but so many old animations during this time relied on trustworthy and long lasting comedic formulas that make it re-watchable. This however, fails to do all of that, and decides to rely on quirky and trendy humor, while shoehorning memes without a punchline.
Now it may not be easy to make a fighting game parody funny, but if you have an understanding of real comedy, then you can make it work.

Imma give it a five, just to spite its low rating. Lol It made me laugh and I feel like people are being to harsh on a things that's obvi's a joke in the first place.