Kingdoms: Nobility

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This is our first attempt at making a 'long play' game in Flash. It's spent the last few months in development and now ready for it's launch! Play across the five part campaign or play in sandbox mode.

This is the first of what should be a 3 part series - depending on the success of this game. The second installment being a multiplayer version of this game with the final part being an MMO version. These versions depend on the success of this game so if there's any feedback for us then please feel free to post here or message us!


Not bad.

If I wasn't familiar with all the games already out there that are identical to this one, I'd be very, very impressed. It's a well-polished, easy-to-use game. Not quite so easy to learn, maybe, but certainly easy enough to use once you get everything figured out. Also, it doesn't take oodles of waiting time to accomplish much. A lot of builders make you wait several minutes (often more) to do anything. I get a feel similar to Caesar from this.

A few serious caveats, though... First, the lack of view rotation (a small thing, really). Second, scrolling the screen with the keyboard deselects a building type (annoys me greatly). Third, clicking the upper right corner of the screen results in a "cannot build" message. Forth, dragging on the minnimap does nothing (you have to click to move the view- a minor annoyance.)

Could do with more content (more buildings, really). Perhaps a metalworker/jeweler to make you gold from your gold? A constabulary/guardhouse to compliment the dungeon? And perhaps a inn to make money on traveller from other kingdoms, etc? On thesubject, why not make an advanced variant of every building available for the paying types and make those already available perhaps a smidge cheaper, maybe?

All-in-all, not a bad game.

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BlueOmega responds:

Excellent ideas - A gold smelter can be used to create gold coins from your mined gold which can then be used as any other normal gold coins in the game.

Great suggestions though - The plan for this game was to see whether we could create a game like caesar 3 / anno in flash - and to see what the reaction would be to such a game amongst flash gamers. If it's successful enough we'll make a second version with many more features and more unique ideas!


Good game, could use a fast forward button (not the cheat one that can be bought, one that fast forwards everything, even game time).
I have a *major* question though: On level 2, how do I get my population above 300? I try keeping all the bars up, but then people just stop coming to my town. Also, is there a guide for this game somewhere that I can read?

I like the game, but found it hard to get lower class workers.

great game

AWESOME! i really enojoyed it but the fact that one must register with another website is a downer.

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Pretty good.

One problem is that there is no indication of what you population capacity is or how much raw material is produced vs. consumed for industry. You also can't tell how much population you need for the jobs you have. I don't know if my population isn't rising because of housing, jobs, or something els.

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3.88 / 5.00

Dec 17, 2009
7:29 AM EST
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)