Kingdoms: Nobility

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This is our first attempt at making a 'long play' game in Flash. It's spent the last few months in development and now ready for it's launch! Play across the five part campaign or play in sandbox mode.

This is the first of what should be a 3 part series - depending on the success of this game. The second installment being a multiplayer version of this game with the final part being an MMO version. These versions depend on the success of this game so if there's any feedback for us then please feel free to post here or message us!

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I like the game, but found it hard to get lower class workers.

great game!

All my 5s r belong to dis

Weird, the guy under me has the same name >.>

Just AWSOME....

This game, MUST be one of the BEST flash games ever made, period.

The detail, the music, the variety and the fact the it was inspired by Caesar 3..just WOW!

I found the game, a bit userface unfriendly, the camera movement wasn't really good, and I found it laggy. (I DO have a high end computer)

All in all, this game is just very good, if you want my review, you've got it, 5/5! I really can't wait for the other one. I just hope that we'll be able to drag to move the camera, a bigger size screen, and less lag.

And as a side note, try not to make the second a multiplayer version, make it a singleplayer version. Make the THIRD multiplayer, and DEVELOP it into an MMO.


Good game, could use a fast forward button (not the cheat one that can be bought, one that fast forwards everything, even game time).
I have a *major* question though: On level 2, how do I get my population above 300? I try keeping all the bars up, but then people just stop coming to my town. Also, is there a guide for this game somewhere that I can read?

A few questions on the gameplay itself.

I must say that I am very impressed with this kind of game in flash. Detail of the graphic, music, and variety of gameplay is commendable. However the main question lies in the gameplay itself.

Some has already mentioned about the lack of screen mobility by dragging the mouse/ arrow movement. But what i am looking more is on the fine details of the gameplay. i.e. how much a farm can support a population (does high class society consumes more than serf)?

Another question is about the lack of idea what is happening in the town atm. Yes, there is some real time advice pop up every now and then. But wouldnt it be great if we could know what is happening (i.e. stagnant population) via advisor? Yes, I must admit that I found that the stagnant population in the game is pretty frustating when you are going to get your industries up before the entertainment, religion and education bar hits 0

BlueOmega responds:

Excellent review and exactly the kind of feedback which will make the second version of the game much improved. We have the same feelings as you over this game and will make these changes for the next version.

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4.30 / 5.00

Dec 17, 2009
7:29 AM EST
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)