Chase Goose

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Hey look, that thing over there is chasing you. You better run, man, it doesn't look very friendly.


(this is a game in the assemblee compo on TIGSource.com. I have made none of the art assets myself - they were made by fellow forum members.)


You can't be serious.

If there's one thing I know, it's crap... and I see it everywhere, unfortunately. This is a shining example of a polished turd.

You want us to hit LEFT and RIGHT simultaneously; simple enough.
Now it's asking for a prompt to jump... and a different one... and another one.
Now you want us to hold SHIFT while we do that? Why don't I just break my fingers while I'm at it?

How the fuck is anyone supposed to manage that? I haven't made it past 500m yet because what it's asking is ludicrous. Not unless you're mapping the different keystrokes to a USB controller or something (in fact, I'll try just that to see what little difference it makes), but there is no way someone with two hands can play this game on a keyboard. I don't know what this game holds in store for players, but if you tell me that I need to use the mouse for anything as well, you can kiss the fattest part of my ass, good sir.


Recommended for Flixel collection, everyone else do the same.

Note: Bacon Narwhal.

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Hideous responds:

Imma let you finish, but i am 12 and what is this


Wow, this game is awesome. One of my favorite flixel games, I love the fact that you can play two players, with one pressing the arrow keys and the other doing everything else! Where's the scoreboard?

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Hideous responds:

Scoreboard *should* be on Kongregate, but the damn API isn't working. I guess I will implement Mochi's board instead.


I loved it. Very original and exciting. My coordination I didnt know was that good lol. Luved the music. Should be on adult swim really. Anyways hope it make front page!!

Hideous responds:

*crosses fingers*

Absolutely Fantastic!

It's starts off difficult and then ramps it up, my only gripe is that my hand is now killing me so I can't play it anymore.

Fantastic challenge for the hand eye co-ordination between you, your screen and you keyboard!

I really hope this get Frontpaged friend!

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Hideous responds:

As do I!

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3.36 / 5.00

Dec 16, 2009
12:52 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other