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Jet Vs Keisha

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This is my second Flash.
There's been a big Improvement from my last Flash.
=Music, Clean Animation, Story and the time rate is longer.

Still no background...sorry, I thought it would be crazy drawing all the backgrounds with each different Perspective. Anyway, enjoy.

This is my first Time using another person's music. So, I'll write it down here.

Author: Grimm Cropes (War-Spawn)
Music : Yun+WS- The Boondocks

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Looking pretty good so far. I'm sure your style is only going to get better.

TaraGraphika responds:

Thank you!

Yeah, I'm trying:)


I can see that you have some talent at drawing, and it looks like you know how to do FBF. That's a plus for a 2nd flash. I still feel the need to give you a legit and honest review, though.

I know people have already suggested this, but backgrounds are important. Even if you don't feel like drawing out different angles of the room or area that the characters are in, you still should have something in the background so it's not always completely blank.

The music doesn't really fit, in my opinion, especially since it's the only sounds in the video. Speaking of which, there weren't any sound effects, which seem like they would be important for these kinds of flash videos where two guys are fighting. It just feels too empty and dull without them.

Also, one minor thing, but there was that one little part where the girl realized the soda can wasn't in her hand, and there was text that pointed out that her hand was empty. Try to avoid pointing story elements like that out to the viewers. Instead, try to make it clear to the audience that someone snatched the soda out of her hands. Get what I'm saying?

Well, complaints aside, this video does show that you have a lot of potential. Just keep animating and improving; you'll surely get better.

TaraGraphika responds:

I really, really will add a Background for my third Flash. =)
Yeah, I was in a hurry to get a suitable music. Since I start off the Animation first. So I kinda lay back things...
I get what you mean by not showing story elements. I'll try to avoid tht too~~



Kinda cool the animation is okay, but a background is sometimes needed in an animation. 9/10 5/5

TaraGraphika responds:

You see next time in my third Flash there is gonna be a background~~


Good example of trying not to judge a book by it's cover, really enjoyed it, the style of the animation was unique, and the music went along perfectly.

TaraGraphika responds:

Thanks man. The Music was hard to find~~=)


I loved it even without the lack of bg's it was good
you should storyboard beforehand perhaps
really good style!
maybe some sound fx
and definately more character detail some angles were lacking
keep it up !!

TaraGraphika responds:

I did do a storyboard...I'll do a better one and Backgrounds for my third Flash. Yes, SFX are going to be in my third Flash. I'll get the Character detail as clear as possible next time. Thanks!=)