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Recycled Mario

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What started off as a simple flash video it started to grow into something much more serious. I didn't have a complete vision of what I was making while creating this I sort of just went with the flow. I knew I wanted to somehow show the evolution of Mario as well as the repeating theme of the princess getting captured and Mario's out on an adventure to rescue her. It was a good experiment flash because I wanted to see if I could finish making it by a dead line and I was successful. I tried as hard as I could not to sacrifice quality during the process so this took quite some time to make. I finished the flash in "3 days" time so about 30 hours in total of work put into this. It is probably the best thing i could come up with with that amount of time lol. Anyways I hope you all enjoy it and I'm looking forward to reading the reviews :D

Note: I am entering this in to try and win a Wacom Tablet lol. I have been drawing with the mouse for years and thought it was about time to pick one up but I'm going through money issues :(. I've been a proud supporter of newgrounds since the beginning of time but I didn't actually become a member until 2004 lol :D. Anyways I got a couple more animations coming newground's way in the near future so look out :P

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Fooled me! Haha!

The animation didn't grab me as really great at first. It was really simple (Click on Mario, click on Mario....) but after the second 'Click on Mario' the flash starts from waiting to a really good, really strong flash that grabs you, slams you into a wall, and makes you scream for mommy while it pounds you with suspense. This was a refresahing walk back to the older days of Mario, barring New Super Mario Brothers Wii (Since it also tries very hard) and for that it was very refreshing. No Mario 64, no Mario Galaxy, none of the newer, complex Mario games, just a sweet, simple, easy to xon the eyes flash that makes those who remember the old Mario days nostalgic for more and convbeys the simplicity and fun of the Mario Universe. Very nice to watch, and very little nitpicking except that slow beginning. Enjoy the ten, you earned it. :)

hrechkaness responds:

When I first started working on the flash it was for a school project and all we had to do was display an interactive banner. For whatever reason, I decided to extend it into a full length animation. I probably could have returned to the beginning and made it a little more interesting but I found that the animation had a bit of a flow to it with the notable slow start. I'm glad you enjoyed it and I really appreciate the review! Cheers


wrong use.

this flash was good and had potential.
But it was NOT used you could have made this thing so much better by giving it some sort of same storyline as shattered dimensions.
by the way the ending was plain horrible at least make it a bit of a fight instead of letting bowser explode or something like that.

It was OK

Like i said.

To the people who think this sucks...

SCREW YOU!!! I hate to open a comment like that :P. I will say that in the beginning it was kind of slow, but that doesn't mean you can't say this was bad! THE ENDING WAS EPIC!!! I think this was a more creative idea, and I like that! This shows how many years of mario I've went through though:)



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3.30 / 5.00

Dec 15, 2009
6:37 PM EST