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The Sketch Collab 2009

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Author Comments

EDIT 2: Ok, a couple of people haven't accepted my buddy request, and are taking ages doing so, I've added them under the Inspiration bit so that they still get credit.
EDIT: Holy crap! Daily 4th! Thank you to everyone! Everyone who's taken part, everyone who's watched it, and everyone who's voted! You guys are just awesome!

Here is the 3rd installment of the award-winning collaboration series!

Under new management, the Sketch Collab 09 is here! And it features an all-new easter egg, for those who like hidden extras.
This is the 3rd year that the Sketch Collab has taken place, the original back in 2007, created by dumassstudios, and following the success of last year's collab, I thought it was only right that the collab be brought back to the portal once more. So sit back and enjoy, and leave a vote and a comment!

Authors (in order of appearance):

Easter Eggs:

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the middle

the middle part was the best part to me idk maybe if i watched it again i would change my mind


They were all good and the beggining when you get to draw is creative and fun!

It was fun to work with you guys!

I think my part could've been better, I should've drawn blue lines inside the "blue lined monster" so people would get that that's where the lines came from... (after my little dude blew him into smithereens of coarse!)

Well, onto the reviews:

Yhtomit- Your part was creative, it was like I was doing a math problem with Items instead of numbers

Fredstermaster- I really enjoyed all the background effects, it really makes the foreground stuff stand out... and you obviously put a lot of time into this

Digital-Terror- Now this was a fun little clip, it has a certain childhood wonder to it

Titan210- It seemed to drag out a little bit, this type of Idea should be short and sweet, which it is... but the timing could be better

Swishcheese- This was a real treat... It's exactly what defines this collab, and the work put into it really shows! and let's face it... ninjas are always entertaining

Serantis- There's not too much going on, and I couldn't quite catch what the point of it was <em>*wink*</em>

Jpb- Lots of stuff going on, and I really dug the holiday nuggets in there

Artyluck- One of my favorites... everything seems to flow so well with each other it really stands out as one of the more "professional" looking pieces!

ChaoticTrashCan- It certainly was chaotic, but it was pulled off quite nicely!

Evan210- Definitely the funniest one of the bunch... the faces are what saves it

Turntheheaton- It's a little self promoting but overall I enjoyed it, the animation was fun to look at and it has an interesting charm to it

Fiziks- The tank didn't really seem to fit in with the theme, but the way it was executed made it acceptable, and it really makes it stand out from all the other entries

RevolverOce- This is the one that I think didn't fit at all... it goes on for too long, and the sound effects are way too loud, but I know that's not your fault because you didn't originally make this for the sketch collab... still, you could've wrapped it up faster... (I still don't understand why this was co-authored over other people)

Zelgodes- It's so fluid, and the art style is just so damn likable... there's honestly nothing I can think of that would make it better.

M4x12- Now this was creative, I especially enjoyed the fact that my part started the flash with a bucket, which created the lines in the background... and you ended the flash with the bucket, which created the pencil. It's amazing how that fit so well, and we didn't even know of each other's work. It's a strong finale to the flash.

MrRandomist- I gotta say, this was a little too over-hyped, there wasn't anything too special about it but I did enjoy the doodles and whatnot to go alongside the written text... however, my name looks like it's saying nylawvence, although it has a certain charm to it, and that's what makes it good!


-It took me a while to figure out that they weren't in any individual movies, but I think the whole "draw the easter egg" thing was brilliant-

Kane-Animation- Love the portal reference, and the style was fun and really goes well with the music

Dihoulaladine- Quite bizarre, but in a good way, I also love how the cool little lines zipping around create a nice interlude to the next part

AronKong- A very creative way to start/end the collab!

Everyone did a fantastic job, and I'm really glad to have been a part of this collab!

Very good

Interesting enough and quite enjoyable. It kept me watching, but I can't say I was swept away by it, as some other people seem to be. Collabs are hard to organise and the many parts were put together well enough. Naturally, the quality varied and some parts added little to the whole.
Calling it a sketch and putting blue lines behind it doesn't alter the fact that it was b/w animation with no real background, no real story and nothing to really absorb the watcher, just quite a good string of fbf's.

Good collab

This is a very well done collab. It's harmonious from the beginning to the end. Starting with the nice scene before the preloader, over the great idea for the mouse pointer (hand with a pencil) to the blue lines we could see throughout the flash, creating the image that we watch drawings in a spiral writing pad .

However, those blue lines sometimes appeared to be in front of the drawings, instead of behind them. This looked as if we would watch those animations through a blue grid or something... anyway, this is only a minor flaw and doesn't take away too much from the awesomeness of this collab! :)

{ Review Request Club }

Timsplosion responds:

I'm not quite sure why that happened. I think it was just the way that the guy made his part, or maybe the down grading from CS4 to 8. Either way, it's still good.
Thanks for the review. :)

Credits & Info

3.54 / 5.00

Dec 15, 2009
5:46 PM EST
  • Daily 4th Place December 16, 2009