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Recoil 1.3

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Guide the spring to the safety through 20 levels.


The challenge. Amazing...

So far from being at level 9 with very few deaths. -The game is actually normal, not very challenging.

Let's review.

I've notice a-lot of players are having problems with the game and it's well...difficulty. There is nothing wrong with the level at all of the games. It's I do believe the skill of the players having problems?

It's not a rush/rush game. Take the time and understand the effective tactics you can preform with your coil. Don't go insane at a level.

Last for any one playing this game... it is not "TOO HARD." It's called patience, thinking, and well timed guesses with accurate measures.

The reason this game is a 10 is because the style of the coil was amazing. The graphics was, alright but the ability to test the human mind upon the keyboard and how accurate I was able to...well time my movements. Made me feel special in a way.

This game is amazing in it's own sense. I suggest creating maybe... a few hints here and there to help the people understand. THIS GAME IS NOT ONE TO BE RUSHED!!


Other then that, I say this is a great reminder to players, video games aren't ones to be messed with.

Keep up the good work.
I'll be back to challenge this challenging game.

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great game!

these kind of games are cool. you definitely need a level select so i can get better scores.

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Idiotically difficult

Yeah, this is NOT the good kind of hard. This is the absolute worst kind of hard. The kind of hard where not only do the controls make it difficult, but the core mechanic, the very basis of all that is introduced, makes it difficult.

Wall jumping is near impossible, and the way you introduce the new mechanics is poor. I lost count of the number of times I died in the cannon tutorial level, because I didn't know you had to let go of the button.

The momentum based gameplay makes it difficult to accurately prepare for a jump without stopping and slowing down, meaning you can't make the jump.

Also, there's a little glitch where, if you land just between 2 blocks, you fall through.
I beat level 12 in 2 seconds by accident because of this (thank god too, that level looked like a nightmare)

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mirosurabu responds:

Yeah, that's true! Thanks for the feedback!

my hand is broken now

why 10 stars?
the relief of beating the game is orgasmic

lvl 18-20

lvl 18-20 was hard as hell total score- 621330 at the end of it

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3.72 / 5.00

Dec 15, 2009
4:01 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other