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A FBF Animation.

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Probably took me longer than it should have, but here is my very first frame by frame animation. Hope you enjoy it!

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The song here was pretty nice and the animation was somewhat fitting to it. But I think you can improve this flash a lot.
Now, I'm not saying this is crap, because that wouldn't be true. The flash shows that you have learned the basics when it comes to FBF animations, now you should try to improve your skills by practicing.

I think the flash ran a bit too slow, as if I was watching something in slow motion. If you turn up the fps rate the animation runs a lot smoother, but of course this means you have to draw more pictures or else the animation will look very sloppy or everything will be too fast.

The choice of colours was decent, no too bright colours here, but they could look a bit more realistic. The sky had only one deep blue colour, but if you look at the sky outside you'll notice that it gets darker and darker the higher you look. I know this is very hard to do, but I think your flash will look a lot better if you try to add some shadings to the colours you chose.

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ForNoReason responds:

Thank you

It was alright

Although you are improving on animation quite a bit you can still improve I must say.

Storyline: No real plotline or anything, just a nice simple animation to relax the viewer.

Audio: Made me chuckle a bit but aside from that not much else.

Animation: It was OK I guess, there's always room for improvement.

Overall: Pretty good effort here, not bad.

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ForNoReason responds:

thank you

Basic, but passable

I think that you've certainly captured how to make a functional piece of frame by frame animation. The one issue that I have with it is that you are a little slow with the progression of the animation, making it look a little jumpy. To improve this, an increase of frame rate would be required.

As for the plot, I can see that there isn't really one to speak of, since you're making the piece to be a test and / or practice, so that you can get the hang of this style of animation. More practice is required, byt judging by some of the details, this is hardly beyond your remit.

I think that given time you will be able to produce more good quality pieces, so give it a go and see what pieces of music you can come across in the Audio Portal, in order to get yourself some good bases to work with, much like you did for this piece.

Merry Xmas

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ForNoReason responds:

thank you

Not Bad

I can't say the idea was original but the song was OK and the overall thing was OK too but I think you need to put in more creativity into it because I can't really blame people for giving it a too because it was pretty short and needed more than a sun, a cloud, a landscape, and a flower. It just didn't really catch my attention really.

The art needed a lot of improvement because it was just basic colors with no anything and I think you need to out in shading, or start out with a sketch on paper because I saw your artwork and it isn't very original so you should start with paper and try shading, it isn't very hard so just look at tips from the art portal or take some art classes and look at my art. I didn't need classes at all.

I can't really say you put much effort and in the description, how long did it REALLY take because I can probably do that in flash in less than an hour because I found it really easy animating when I got the trial of flash but i think you should get some tips from the Flash forum and the forum has all kinds of resources you can use because the Flash Forums help you with easy tips and I think you got by the basics by now.

Overall it needs improvement in originality and art. Also, you should pick something more different to draw. Just be creative and Practice! It DOES make perfect.


6/10 & 3/5

Nice animation, this was short but who cares, i've been watching over 51 animations that was short. And the graphics need more work, but you still did a good job. And the song was also good, fits in the animation. So anyways i liked the beginning when the place randomly tries to make the whole place completed, +3 for creative points down the bottom for my scores.

This was excellent, but i suggest you make this longer, and the graphics needs more work, although this deserves a 6/10. How long does this animation took? Because i really wanna know. Next time you animate, make a creative one that's a 3-6 minute one. And you should make a main screen with a "play button", "Scenes Selection", and "extras." After all, this was not that bad but needs a bit more of work.

Good title of this animation, so here are my scores if you know what i mean lol:

Graphics: 6/10
Comedy: 0/10 (Wasn't really a funny animation.)
Music: 8/10
Animation: 6/10
Creative: 8/10
Total Score: 6/10
Word: Good.

I hope you enjoy and love my review!

6/10 & 3/5


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ForNoReason responds:

I did enjoy and love your review. Thank you.