Toxie Radd 2

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Please RECOMMEND "TOXIE-RADD 2" for "ZOMBIES" Collection!
Lead Joe to the North to search for the cure for his "zombification" disease.
Upgrade your character, buy your firearms and this time... don't forget to slash zombies with your brand new melee weapons including the katana and the great classic chainsaw!!!

B-movie splatter-horror zombie mood
7 levels in different landscape, divided into multiple sublevels
Hundreds of zombies of 15 different types
3 monstrous zombified mutant bosses
Ranged and brawl combat system
5 firearms and 5 melee weapons with multi-upgrades
Massive explosions by grenades and oil barrels
Dynamic particle system for bullets & blood
5 character skills to upgrade with genetic boosts
25 in-game achievements for special bonus
Short, simple and complete in-game tutorial
Automatic savegame at the end of each level
Acid-cartoon style intro & end video-animations
Original hard-rock soundtracks and sound fx

Joe just escaped from St. Rose state prison, where secret experiments mutated the captives into zombies that Joe had to blast away! After the prison building explosion, a mysterious guy helps him take refuge in the woods, then explaining to Joe the truth about the experiments.
They both want revenge and Joe shall find answers in an old steel mill to the North.
There is where he'll go, slaughtering tons of zombies on his path thanks to new firearms and melee weapons and trying to survive to the unstoppable zombification of his mutated body!

Always go to the North in all 7 different levels, surviving the waves of Zombies and final Bosses.
Beat all the "zombies to kill" of each level and pick up everything they drop: money to buy your gear, medikits to heal your wounds, ammo and grenades, but most of all pick up the red de-toxie vials to temporarily stop the zombification of your body.
The green vials on the fields are useful to genetically boost your skills. So get them too.
At the end kill the final huge boss at the steel mill in order to get access to the secret information that could cure your strange disease and save your life.

"WASD" to move
MOUSE to aim
LMB to shoot
"E" to switch firearm
"SPACEBAR" to bash in brawl
"Q" to switch brawl weapon
"SHIFT"+LMB to launch grenade
"123" to select grenades
"K" to skip logs and videos
"P" to pause
"O" to open controls
"ESC" to main menu.

For more info read carefully the Instruction (on Main Menu).

Enjoy the ZOMBIE Apocalypse!



It was intense, but a little easy even on Apocalyptic. If you maxed your speed and then strength, you pretty much had the game in the bag. I liked it and it was very enjoyable, especially with the weapon choices.

Merry Christmas!

Xplored responds:

Merry Xmas to you my friend!
And many many thankis for the 10!


I found this game to be quite fun and engaging. But, there were some things I didn't like about it.

Pros: I found slaughtering the hordes of zombies in each level/sub-level quite fun. It did get very repetitive at times, but that stopped when I got access to new weapons and the game introducing even more types of zombies. The game itself is pleasent to look at, and the animation is okay.

Cons: The music is VERY boring to listen to while you slaughter zombies. I mean, when you listen to the intro music you would think, "Oh man, the music for this game is stellar." But sadly, the music ingame is nothing like the intro music. I'd very much listen to some rock music rather than the ingame music. Another thing that bothers me about this game is the zombie A.I. Multiple times while I played through the game I found that zombies would try to run to me, only to get blocked off by a car, or another object. The zombies that did get stuck didn't try to get un-stuck, whick bothered me because it was pretty much a free kill. Thet last thing I have to say about this game is that the end bosses are ridiculously easy to kill. On the first boss I just had to run away from it as it charged me and I pretty much killed it. The same goes for the second boss, where I could strafe its ranged attacks and take it out with ease.

All in all, this game deserves a solid 8. I would like to see more from this user in terms of zombie games, so keep them coming.

Xplored responds:

Reading players' comments about TR1 we upgrade the game to an higher quality: TR2 higher vote confirms it.
Now we read carefully all your comments on TR2 (like yours) to achive an even better results on the next chapter.
Hope to enjoy you even more with TR3 in the next months.

Too easy? Not much content.

Well, I was hoping there'd be different levels and stuff, but all it was one a single street in block sections. Zombies only came at you in increments of like 30 or less, and at most 70. I was even playing on the hardest difficulty.

Character upgrades were a cinch to figure out. Pour all vials into Luck or whatever gets you more money/XD points. You buy weapons sooner, and their upgrades sooner. Why bother putting vial points into health, agility, vigor, or accuracy, when you don't need to even move from your spot while zombies slowly advance in a single-file line? Your pistol is 100% accuracy... a few shots will kill anything. If you can kill anything in just a few shots, why bother beefing up your character when you don't need to? Just too easy.

The final weapon, bazooka or whatever, was kinda lame. Fires too slowly, area splash is too small, and is much less effective as the machine gun. Shotgun was crap (too slow to fire even with the upgrade, and had too small a range), and flamethrower was nothing like the previous in the first episode. It only shot a line of flame and did little damage, and boy did it suck down ammo like Tiana Lynn. I never used any grenades - didn't need, didn't bother.

I would've liked to see more bosses. They did pitifully easy - just had to move while shooting.

The music and ambiance were creepy, as with most zombie-game sets, but its nothing like the MasterCastle stuff that's in other Xplored games. That shit can stir the dead, it's so good. After like the "third level" (whatever that part may be), I was pretty much bored of the game all the way to the end.

I dunno. Graphics were great, bloodshed was pleasing, but it just didn't compare to the first. It was fun at first, but then turned into a grind. Oh look, a giant brain at the end. Just stand there and shoot it and it's game over.

At least, my faith is restored in the fact that good games CAN be created without the need to sell out to MochiGames.

Xplored responds:

Yes, we for sure get less money than the developers implementing Mochi, but ...we prefer to give our players the full features of our games without dividing "good ones" (paying) and "bad ones" (not paying).
If our games will get all the high votes and great feedback as Toxie-Radd 2 is getting, we'll be able to continue investing all that effort in them and you'll enjoy them without mochi ;-D
We'll do our best to achieve that goal. I hope you all will continue to support us.
And both of us will benefit good games!


I just beat it and yeah it tight man. great job! it gets really intense..lol

Very cool!

I didn't have a mouse so I was't able to get into it but from what i've seen it's a 9 great job.

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4.16 / 5.00

Dec 15, 2009
3:54 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional