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Ghost busters demo2

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Author Comments

read how to play

DO not jump and shoot at the same time and if you get stuck press x or z

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It's not a demo, it's an unfinished game

In the middle of the game I fell down in some freakin nowhere like a fuckin Alice in Wonderland.

The music could've been just in the menu, it doesn't have to be all over with no way to shut it off.

There is no return from the How-to-play menu, it's a dead end button.

And the slimers in the sky - how the fuck should I shoot them if I can't jump high enough and I can not shoot up?

It's not a demo - it's just an unfinished game full of holes and glitches. In fact, there are more glitches then game itself.

It is a good idea to make a ghostbusters game, but you have to do harder then this.

Needs a lot of work.

The lack of jumping and shooting is bad. You have ghosts flying above you and you can't jump to shoot them.
You have 2 different attacks, but neither of them do anything different.
After rescuing Egon, notihng happens, and then when you try and keep going, you fall under the level and there's nothing to do but close the game.
In the "How to Play" menu, the button to go to the next instruction page barely works. The area to click the button isn't even on the button.
Not to mention the text on the button is illegible.
And finally, why did you use the sprites right out of the Sega Genesis game?
If I wanted to play that, I'd just play it.
Why not make your own sprites?

I really love Ghostbusters, but this dissapointed me.

Much better

But still needs a lot of work.

I still had problems with falling through the bottom of the map. Went left from start, jumped over the first block, and fell through the bottom of the map. That may have had something to do with running while jumping (more than one or two buttons pressed at once).

Things that need fixing: Graphics I like...character still moves sluggishly. needs to have faster movement speed for an action platformer. Also, sound effects would be a big plus, if they're in there you need to turn up the volume on them. Also, what's the difference in the guns? Slimers don't have a "death" animation, and there need to be more monsters. I like the larger map area, and the backgrounds look better this time around. Fix the controls, add sound effects, fix collisions, and add some more animations and you'll be in business.

Getting better.

I like the idea you are trying to get across, but I think before you repost this again you should try to solve the issues of randomly falling though the floor. As well as improving the controls, they are very sluggish and you move much too slow. As well add some sort of scoring system, or point to the level and allow shot jumps. Other then that, good try again.

You submitted this last week

I'll state you no longer fall through the floor, that's it. Anything more would be offensive.