Eye of Rainbow

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L.O.L. this is my 1st try hehe. Vote it good thx : )
If there are anything i should improve , please tell thx !
There is still something crappy after the vid end !

( so this is the story ...
A colourful peacock keep on flipping its eye until it suddenly fly up and boom ! The eye fly very far and then dropped in the ocean . . .
Then , the eye of the rainbow sticked on a fish . Thus the fish transform to a colourful fish and swim happily ^^ )


not bad not bad

maybe it was my speakers, the music blasted out of em and scared me half to death, i see your working with the basics of flash, which was tweening, and i take nothin away from that, but the randomness, it eludes me, not much but it does. as your first flash its good just keep working at it and you'll be getting daily number ones. good luck my friend

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HitzUpz responds:

Thx !! btw the music is like that maybe just that is too loud when u listen.


dude, too short. Its kinda random and the music doesnt match

HitzUpz responds:

i know its short , but the music is match isn't it like PVL said ?

not bad

That wasn't bad, I liked where it was going, but it just needed to be longer. Good choice of music and it seemed like you put some sort of effort into it so I say Good job.

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HitzUpz responds:

^ _ ^ my 1st vid btw , problem is i dont know how to connect 2 scene together so it may be short lol. btw thx !

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2.33 / 5.00

Dec 14, 2009
9:58 PM EST
Comedy - Original