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Super Santa Land

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Just try my new game Super Santa Land.
Use arrows keys to move Santa, Space bar to jump and the S key to throw Fireball.

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great music

it's christmas mega man, AHHH!!

Alchymi responds:

Your rating make my day

good but needs fixing

Gameplay: great and easy to learn, but i found that some presents would not react to the touch. I also liked the powerups but it feels like you just stole it from super mario. I mean, red and green, mushrooms, flowers, and fire! What santa clause can shoot fireballs? It shood have been snowballs for the christmas spirit, ya know?

Sound: The music is aslo great but the sound effects are all from super mario games.

Difficulty: It was a bit easy, I finished it in around five minutes

Glitches: (Enemies: Enemies would fall through spikes, would never stop walking(turns on platform edge) and I even saw one walking backwards.

Backround: while playing my backround suddenly switched. Also, at the end of a level, the world would suddenly end(and I could see it) and I would fall off.)

Annoying things: The restart button (for gameover) would spawn another window. Music kept playing even while the Ad was running. Nothing to tell you that the snowmen had become kickable besides not moving.

Fix the glitches, and be more original, and i will give you a 10

Alchymi responds:

Thanks for your precious advice

not bad

not bad, could be more to it, but a nice little mario clone. except on the map screen it times out and you die eventually.

Alchymi responds:

Will correct the "map bug".. Thanks for for advice

Not bad

Pretty much a Mario ripoff, even the death music is pretty much the same.
loved the music thought, and the "moonwalking" zombies or whatever were hilarious^^

Alchymi responds:

The moonwalkibng Zombie are a tribute to M.J. ;=) Thanks for rating

Credits & Info

3.49 / 5.00

Dec 14, 2009
4:02 PM EST