Ninja Cubes

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Hi guys and gals,

Here's a quick little 60sec game from me called Ninja Cubes. It was a quick entry into the Mochi 60 sec contest. This is hugely inspired by the awesome 'DOEO' and it says so very clearly on the main menu of the game :) so please don't comment on how you think it's like Doeo etc....

Roll over the Ninja Cubes with your mouse cursor to collect before you time runs out. Red ones are 50 points, blue are 20 points and black are 10 points. So go ahead and see if you are a real NINJA and have real NINJA REFLEXES!




I never played the previous version whatever that maybe but I did like this game. Good time waster if your bored.

Liked it

I've definitely plaued games like it before, though, so maybe it should have something original to it.

Ninja Cubes

It's worth noting that Doeo itself is based on another game, the "Moai" series. While Doeo improved on Moai, however, this is a step backwards. Dissapointing, especially for Pencilkids, who is usually great.

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I've never heard of Doeo, so...

I found this game fun, and played it a few tims. It was short, though, sadly. I wanted more than just 60 seconds of moving the mouse over these ninjas. But it was fun

The art was very nice, and the animation of the "Mascot" if you will, I found it to be extremely well done. Very fluid, and very clean. Excellent.

I'm gunna give it an 9/10, just for the fact that It was only one "level", but I personally would love to see a larger version of this game, with more modes or something. Although those people claiming it not to be original might not like to see more of this... :(

i agree

i got excited thinking it was a doeo game, but it had none of the qualities doeo did, it just wasn't as exciting, and i certaintly didn't try again & again to beat my score. Try again, you're doing bettter then most, but go back to the drawing board.

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3.45 / 5.00

Dec 13, 2009
12:56 AM EST
Action - Other