Real Estate Bubble

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In one minute you'll be a tycoon. Or not. It's all about skills.
More than a simple fun game, a learn by fun experiment. You'll feel the pressure when time comes to sell.
You'll ask yourself, have I bought too much ? too high ?

The message is clear, real estate prices can't reach the sky.
So be careful and meantime have fun.

Your character has first 30s to buy then 30s to sell.
The smallest the bubble the cheapest the house (like in real life).

You can buy as much as you want (like in real life (no i'm joking ;) )
You can not sell more houses than you bought.

Use arrow keys to move your character.

Are you smart enough to earn money?

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Interesting concept, needs some serious work.

Alright, aside from the 'click-and-drag-shapes' sort of graphics, and music that is putting me to sleep, the controlling needs some work. There is no accuracy, which players would need in an environment littered with targets. It's also difficult to slow down at times, causing your character to bounce around aimlessly when you try to catch that little house on the far side of the screen.

That said, perhaps figure out a different method of spawning houses? When I clicked 'play', it instantly purchased a house that had spawned right where the character was standing. There were numerous times when I was moving towards a house I wanted to buy, and suddenly the 'purchased for $$$' sign comes up, because a house spawned right on top of me. Or it spawned right in front of me, but I cant stop because there is no accuracy in the movements. You just.. keep going.

I do like the concept though, and at least it's otherwise running smoothly. I would love to play this after it's been worked on a bit.

vlouchk responds:

Thanks for your detailed review.

My game talks about the the difficulties of the real estate market.
That's why I chose to give the character inertia which means an harder control but it sticks more with reality.


I ended with negative 164 at my best.
But it is a good game. don't see any flaws or glitches. good artwork or sprites.

Not that hard

In buy phase, pick bubbles as small as possible, and for sell phase catch the ones when they are large. Not that hard really.

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2.86 / 5.00

Dec 12, 2009
9:59 AM EST
Skill - Collect