Xmas Blackjack / Alma

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Strip Blackjack with Alma

In this free version, you will be able to strip Alma down to her last 2 lingerie clothes. The game is fully functional. There aren't any betting involved in this game. When you win, she takes a piece of clothes off, when you lose she gains a piece of clothes back. If you lose, and she is fully clothed, you lose a piece of clothes. When all your clothes are gone, the game is over. Good luck. Have fun!

Happy Holidays! (Merry Christmas!)

FYI: Alma is a furry character from our Quest for Fun series first appeared on Vixine.com - an Adult Furry Fantasy website.

Check out my profile for other neat games! I'll be posting more Christmas themed games this week.


It would be nice if you could get them completely nude.

this is basically like the other game with the other furry in the ball gown and I have the same caomplaints with both

"You've played one blackjack/poker game...

...you've played them all."

And that's definitely the case with the 11 other Blackjack/poker games you have already submitted (over the past 2 weeks), featuring a different scantily clad anthropomorph, but the same (admittedly, functional) mechanic underneath.

So, no points for originality.

The drawings are really good, but that's all that can really be commented on. Everything else is standard.

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Dec 12, 2009
4:35 AM EST
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