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The Reetard Quiz

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my first completed quiz, if you guys would like this I would make another one :)


here is how you solve the no sound issue all you have, just listen to your own musice :) lol but I liked the quiz so I give it 3 stars

Not that good, man.

For starters, there is no sound in this flash game, not even a click or ring or anything. Any flash game without sound is going to come across as lazy or just dull (unless it is a stylistic choice). Secondly, the visuals are really dull, a white backdrop with a bunch of green buttons is not going to cut it. That combined with the lack of sound really brings this game down. I have a big feeling that you are either imitating or parodying The Impossible Quiz because the questions (living up to the title) are straight up dumb. Not even funny dumb, just dumb.

Seeing as how this is your first quiz game, here's a tip. Unless you think you can really knock it out of the park, don't make an "Impossible Quiz" like game. I have seen so many flashes of this kind that try to emulate its style and the humor and they all just fall flat on its face (which unfortunately happened here). That said, if you plan on making another quiz, try adding some flashiness to it, some transitions and some music would be nice. Also, you got to add some style to the menu, white backgrounds is a big red flag when it comes to flash games.

Best of luck with any future flash projects you may have, chief.

Dexudo responds:

umm... actually the questions there are all facts... and im sorry I didnt add any music , I cant test it because my speaker is broken :) sorry ... thank you for reviewing! I would try to make a better one :)

one of thee worst

Yea i know theres an extra e on the its making fun or him spelling retarded wrong


i found it quite boring really no sound, colour same and repetative, and the questions are stupid, not to mention the title is slightly offensive.

Dexudo responds:

Im sorry about the sound... I cant test the sounds because my speaker is not working ...
really sorry :)


I don't care for quizzes.

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Dec 12, 2009
3:36 AM EST
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