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Adventure - RPG

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Dec 12, 2009 | 3:25 AM EST

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Arcuz is an Action Role Play Game (Like Zelda or Diablo). You fight with the monsters, train your hero, learn skills, search better weapons and equipments, compose new items using your creativity...and more! Don't be addicted! You got 18 different maps to discover, 25 quests to accomplish, 21 battle skills to learn, more than 10 types of monsters to kill, more than 100 weapons and gears to choose, and unlimited possibility of composition...Those are not all. We translated this game into 7 languages so half of the whole world can enjoy it! Hope Arcuz could bring you a lot of fun!

WASD: Move
J: Attack/Talk with NPC/Accept
K: Jump/Cancel
I&L: Activate Battle Skill. You can put 4 battle skills on the skill slots on the bottom of the game screen and press I/L to use the skills. You level up and add ability point to one of your skills. Then you click one of the skills on the SKILL panel and put it on the skill slot. You can only put active skills to the skill slots (not passive skills).
1/2/3: Use potions and town portal. Click the potions and scrolls in your inventory and put them on the potion slots on the bottom of the game screen. Then you can use the potions and scrolls by pressing key 1/2/3.
C/V/B/N/M/,/ESC: hotkeys for Char, Skill, Quest, Inventory, Map and Menu.

We haven't put a full version on Newgrounds only because there is a 10MB size limitation for flash uploading on Newgrounds, not for other reasons. Sorry guys.

We are using MochiGames API because we want our players be able to save and load the game on any computer. As flash can only perform local saving. This is a technical issue.

MochiCoins is an optional choice for those who lack time to play this game and want to level up quicker. Without paying a cent you can enjoy the game a lot. We developers have to earn our livings by making games.

Thanks to all of you, Nice NG players!



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Game is great

I've put about 30 hours into playing this a lot of it is grinding and item hunting but I'm trying to make the best weapons and gear I can. I did what one person suggested and went with falchions I had a level 15 axe wielder and they do suck compared to falchions. I hardly use the hurricane or finalty of falchion. My main strategy is to berserk, attack pot, def pot and speed up and just go rape bosses it's also a good way to level up quick and farm items.

There are several spots that you can farm and most of them are at boss areas where there are a lot of monsters. I can't tell you where I grinded at and at what levels I did it but mainly I tried to kill monsters that were my level or a couple higher and with the attack and def pots you can manage. A good spot is the Abandoned Mine when you're a higher level about 31 or so and kill the level 33's. you can also kill everything there and before you use a town scroll out and stock up and just go back in this is really helpful for grinding.

Now here are some of the bad things that have ticked me off about this game... I had the Assassin +2 and that thing was a beast, I chanced my luck with it and got level 4 poison successfully and then I had one more compose left on it and decided to go with level 4 attack % bonus and failed and lost the most beast weapon I ever had. I really think that the 50% chance to succeed or fail kills it for composing. Or make it where later in the game there is a shop dedicated to selling stones, and blessing stones or even make it where you can make a stone of blessing from 3 or 4 high level stones of earth/wind/fire/water.

I have put all my char points into luck and I find them hardly ever or I get real lucky and get 2 stones of blessing from consecutive chests. Also I don't think potions of luck have any bearing on getting good items from chests cause I've used them several times during farming and got jack. To the people wanting to max out your skills, you can do so it will just take you some time. I've found about 5 or 6 skill tomes during my farming and they have helped out alot. I think I have level 18 in prof of falchion, 10 in all attribute, 9 in the specialty of falchion, 1 in the finalty of falchion, 3 speedup, 2 berserk 1 overload so that's 44 skill points all in all. I think you get some from quests too.

But yeah I understand game developers need to make money and I guess I could quit griping about stones and just buy them but the game is good without having to buy them and you shouldn't try making the game as hard as possible to find what you need just so we'll buy stones from mochicoins, when there's a 50% chance they'll be wasted. I don't know MAYBE I would buy stones from mochicoins if I got a 100% chance of getting level 4 attribute or +4 or +5 weaponry/armor. That would be a good incentive for me to buy stuff from you. OR make something that increases your success rate with composing that would be exclusive on the premium shop. Those are all great ideas that maybe you should take into consideration.

This game is great like I said and if you make another one like it I might be hell bent on paying for it on Xbox or something like that. You just need to tweek it a little more.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

my favorite game ever on Newgrounds

I have been coming to Newgrounds for years and playing games and watching movies constantly. I have played good games and watched funny movies but I had to create an account just to comment on this wonderful game you have made. I loved every aspect of it, even the problems that others have complained about. I was just blown away by the fact that you could make such an amazing game in flash. Congradulations and I hope you make a sequal soon.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Play it on Mochigames!

I've read a few reviews. I see a LOT of people complaining about glitches. I ran into only ONE glitch. Sometimes when I used a town portal scroll, I'd go back in the portal and the map would be "undefined". Save & Exit, and walk back. Minor inconvenience compared to people losing weapons and such.

So play it on Mochigames/Funnaut...whatever the site is like I did, make an account, because the game is worth it.

This is by far the best Flash game I've ever played. I had always hoped someone would make one like this. It's action/rpg style reminds me of Secret of Mana on crack. The play style is FUN! Nothing needs to be changed when it comes to how it's played as that part is simply flawless. Balancing the weapons seems to be the only true shortcoming here, but I've only played with the falchion, so I'm basing that off of other people's complaints really.

I beat the game with a well balanced character. My base Con was around 10, I had pumped AGI up to a 40% block rate, my crit was 60%, 20% Magic Resistance, and I still only had the +2 blade from the 'Gheed' character. Same weapon from 16+. I put thunder on it, and killed the last boss with the Slice and Dice attack.

But now I read there's much easier ways to play this game.

Either way, I spent 2 days on it, and came back to NG to say to the makers...


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Rated 5 / 5 stars

I Like It

I Like It...
I Can't Say Anything....

Funnaut responds:

Thanks for liking our game bud!!


Rated 5 / 5 stars


Is a blade the same as a falchion? Cuz i bought a simitar and the type is blade but i cant find any falchions. I'm confused. Help anybody? Btw, great game. lovin it.

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