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Arcuz is an Action Role Play Game (Like Zelda or Diablo). You fight with the monsters, train your hero, learn skills, search better weapons and equipments, compose new items using your creativity...and more! Don't be addicted! You got 18 different maps to discover, 25 quests to accomplish, 21 battle skills to learn, more than 10 types of monsters to kill, more than 100 weapons and gears to choose, and unlimited possibility of composition...Those are not all. We translated this game into 7 languages so half of the whole world can enjoy it! Hope Arcuz could bring you a lot of fun!

WASD: Move
J: Attack/Talk with NPC/Accept
K: Jump/Cancel
I&L: Activate Battle Skill. You can put 4 battle skills on the skill slots on the bottom of the game screen and press I/L to use the skills. You level up and add ability point to one of your skills. Then you click one of the skills on the SKILL panel and put it on the skill slot. You can only put active skills to the skill slots (not passive skills).
1/2/3: Use potions and town portal. Click the potions and scrolls in your inventory and put them on the potion slots on the bottom of the game screen. Then you can use the potions and scrolls by pressing key 1/2/3.
C/V/B/N/M/,/ESC: hotkeys for Char, Skill, Quest, Inventory, Map and Menu.

We haven't put a full version on Newgrounds only because there is a 10MB size limitation for flash uploading on Newgrounds, not for other reasons. Sorry guys.

We are using MochiGames API because we want our players be able to save and load the game on any computer. As flash can only perform local saving. This is a technical issue.

MochiCoins is an optional choice for those who lack time to play this game and want to level up quicker. Without paying a cent you can enjoy the game a lot. We developers have to earn our livings by making games.

Thanks to all of you, Nice NG players!


its ok

so problems first
1 as others b4 have said grinding should NEVER be a core game mechanic in a flash game.
2 your leveling is stupid, one level you do like 7 damage to a enemy then a level later you suddenly do 35 damage.
3 theres no inn or its equivilant so you just have to deal with always having half health, o and for some reason theres no mana regen and health regen stops. i dont want to be constantly using potions just to have the usual amount of health
4. attacking completely depends on the stun that attacks have and bosses are apparently immune to this stun so there neh impossible
good things
1. its nice to look at

spend less time with graphics and fix the basic shit and this game would really have a chance of being great

Funnaut responds:

Hi Ronin2342, thanks for reviewing and we will consider your advice and make changes in Arcuz2.

Um, what can I say, it was good but..

Far from what i thought it would be, when i first started playing i was like "OMG what kind of game like this is doing on newgrounds?! its my lucky day!" and then those thoughts turned to more like "well.. great graphics, very fun gameplay.. nice music.. but why the fuck am i forced to grind to gain a lvl when im only lvl 5!!? GAH!" Dude, ok you have a fantastic game made, but you have to understand.. your thinking about the player when your making a game too.. not just a good looking game to pass by, and I have to admit, this is one of the more pretty games on newgrounds by far, but c-mon! seriously? i dont want to spend 3 hours on low level monsters to lvl up just because a monster that might be my level or 1 level higher might kill me in one hit! and now to mention monsters should give out more exp, the level deference of monster lvls and the low exp they give just kinda ruins this game, wich... ya know, really disapointed me because i really wanted a good RPG game, Im freakin bored! so, with that said, fix those problems in the game, i would say you have earned the medal for best RPG on newgrounds ever, but for now, its just another ok game.

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Funnaut responds:

Hi Homestarrunner99, thanks a lot for reviewing Arcuz. Numerical balance is hardly satisfy all players. We will try to make the game more balance and may publish a updated version of Arcuz.

Had mixed feelings overall

While the game is fun and I enjoy playing it very much there are somethings that I found to be incredibly irritating if not downright infuriating. The fact that the difference in power between monsters is so drastic you spend a lot of time on low level foes until you are at least 3 or more levels above the level of the next monster type before you move on is so time consuming its kind of absurd. And in the quest/boss fights, I can only describe them as nigh on impossible unless you have enough supplies for several armies and have a substantialy higher level than any of the enemies featured in the fight.

That said this is a wonderful game that obviously had a lot of time and effort put into it before being posted. Its a lot of fun to play, has a well chosen musical score, and the customization of weapons armor and accesories allows each person to tweak their character with bonuses that suit their needs/play style.

I enjoy a a game that is challenging, but the sheer difficulty and difference in power between monsters and player were to outstanding to say this game is perfect. If the stats were polished up a little so as to level the playing field so to speak and the items were in a more feasible price range and the cash drops a little more both in occurence and in value, then I'd say this was a completely finished game. But as it stands the numbers need to be changed some, at least in my opinion.

7.5/10 3.5/5

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Funnaut responds:

Hi TheFlackman, thanks so much indeed for your review. We are sorry that you got mad on lvl up. Your word encourages us to make more fun games.

Best rippoff ever

Diablo ripoff AND I LOVE DIABLO SO 10/10

Funnaut responds:

Wow 10/10 what a precious! :D


Honestly, this game is craaazy! I love it, this game reminds me of the oldschool rpgs! the new ones are just gay! This is lovely, thought it would be shit, but was pleasantly surprised, thanks mate! And oh, 4.09/5.00 score in 1 day?? that's speedy mate!

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Funnaut responds:

You make us feeling like flying Afasi-Korn...Thanks!

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4.21 / 5.00

Dec 12, 2009
3:25 AM EST
Adventure - RPG