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Arcuz is an Action Role Play Game (Like Zelda or Diablo). You fight with the monsters, train your hero, learn skills, search better weapons and equipments, compose new items using your creativity...and more! Don't be addicted! You got 18 different maps to discover, 25 quests to accomplish, 21 battle skills to learn, more than 10 types of monsters to kill, more than 100 weapons and gears to choose, and unlimited possibility of composition...Those are not all. We translated this game into 7 languages so half of the whole world can enjoy it! Hope Arcuz could bring you a lot of fun!

WASD: Move
J: Attack/Talk with NPC/Accept
K: Jump/Cancel
I&L: Activate Battle Skill. You can put 4 battle skills on the skill slots on the bottom of the game screen and press I/L to use the skills. You level up and add ability point to one of your skills. Then you click one of the skills on the SKILL panel and put it on the skill slot. You can only put active skills to the skill slots (not passive skills).
1/2/3: Use potions and town portal. Click the potions and scrolls in your inventory and put them on the potion slots on the bottom of the game screen. Then you can use the potions and scrolls by pressing key 1/2/3.
C/V/B/N/M/,/ESC: hotkeys for Char, Skill, Quest, Inventory, Map and Menu.

We haven't put a full version on Newgrounds only because there is a 10MB size limitation for flash uploading on Newgrounds, not for other reasons. Sorry guys.

We are using MochiGames API because we want our players be able to save and load the game on any computer. As flash can only perform local saving. This is a technical issue.

MochiCoins is an optional choice for those who lack time to play this game and want to level up quicker. Without paying a cent you can enjoy the game a lot. We developers have to earn our livings by making games.

Thanks to all of you, Nice NG players!


I like it

I like this game but my person kept running incontrollably, like i wasnt even kaking it move it just stared to run in a random direction and i literally had to smash my keyboard to get it to stop.

i hate it

its a stupid game because its lame and the sounds suck!!!!!

Its hackable..

I related this game previously to that being incredibly to similar to a game called FATE, by WildTangent. I still come back to this game and enjoy it though!

I returned this time with Cheat Engine to test its immunity. Sadly its easily possible to get endless skill points and cash.. totally throwing the game into boredomville :[

I still enjoyed it though!


but when i got to a high level it took a long time to level up


i did find one re-occouring bug... probly just me, but my secondary ring, and my sword kept on dissapearing even when i save...

heres my ex: saved, went and fought, whacked alot of enemies, came back, and my sword/ring wound up missing, although my character in the game still had a sword. :? but the game is rather cool, so im assuming that i either sold it (doubt it) or it just wore out durring a fight. still an EASILY addicting game which i rate 9/10!

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4.21 / 5.00

Dec 12, 2009
3:25 AM EST
Adventure - RPG