Dawning Dusk Episode 1

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EDIT: I reuploded with the into and a smaller filesize, but that also hurt the video guality. sorry.

Well, this is my first sprite movie, so its probably not that good, but Im getting better, and I really like the storyline I have (although its not to clear in this 2 min. episode) Feel free to offer advice and/or CONSTRUCTIVE critism (no, you suck, retard) Thx for watching!


Dawning Dusk Episode 1

Brow, dont worry, but it need more movement...its too "freeze photos"...

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sparkyou responds:

Well, the reason for 9.8 MB is because I didnt actually ise Macromedia. I used Windowns Movie Maker and converted it too flash. (thats also the reason for no preloader.) I understand it was choppy, (the secenes in the beggining especially) mainly because this movie was my practice. I definetly do need better sound effects. I had more, but for some reason, they got lost in conversion. SMBZ was a big influence on this movie, but Im trying to do my own thing here, even though the Mario-Sonic crossover seems to have been done a lot. (a LOT!) I actually havent introduced all the characters yet. I was thinking of using characters from Capcom and maybe others as well. Thanks to everyone who submitted helpful critism, I really hate it when ppl review a video with nothing but "you suck" and I know everyone else does too. I am improving, and hopefully my next episode will be better, although it wont be any longer, obviously. (9.8 MB suprised me too!)

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Dec 11, 2009
9:52 PM EST