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Another differences game

rated 3.23 / 5 stars
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Puzzles - Difference

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Dec 11, 2009 | 9:07 PM EST

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Author Comments

Update: Tab cheat removed... If you try you'll lose your score and have to start over! Fear my wrath lol

Hello guys (and girls of course :D)

This is my first flash game so don't be shy to burn me to ash... It's the best way to help me making better products...

Seriously I mean it... but it's not a reason to say that it's crap... Be constructive and try to figure the work behind it...

N.B. I have just removed the resizing option because it bug a little bit the game... It cause somes images to move when you click on them which was... not wanted lol



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

not bad for a fisrt game.

Its was quite fun, differences games can be hard to do though, so thats why I took points off, but it was pretty good, I reckon maybe some jazz music would make it better, also, as a couple of people pointed out, you can randomly click to find the differences, that bugs me a bit, but well done, I hope you continue to program games.

Good luck in the future.



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

very good game (:

Differences game is one of my favorites kind of games.And the best thing in your game is that you take real images and not manga images or something like that.But im sure you can make another like this one but much better.btw i voted 5 (:

Simonp responds:

Thanks!! Happy that you understood what's nice with my game... But I already choosed not to make another one differences game...

It took me a long time to find images that can hold more than 2 good differences without making it impossible or way too easy...

Of course, if I find others images I'll store them and maybe one day I'll make another game with at least 30 lvls because it doesn't worth it otherwise...

Well... that's all
See ya


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Difference circles distracting

The one solid change I would suggest, is to change the 'found difference' to being the same, instead of circling it. By circling, it distracts heavily from being able to notice differences, as well as excluding a region of the picture from any further differences, making it overall simple to find the remaining ones.

Adding some interesting audio would further assist enjoyability if chosen correctly.

Progressive differences - ie one that'll only appear after you've selected a couple already - will add to the challenge, and allow for getting more out of each slide.

The best I've seen in this genre included animation. It definitely added a depth of quality and a fresh approach by not simply displaying 2 static images.

The graphical alterations you've done in this production were good. There wasn't the obvious distortions from poor Photoshoping.

The buttons work as they should, though I'd suggest not using the gradient background of contrasting font colours, as it shows up like Comic Sans/Impact font or Lens Flare in Photoshoped images for someone new and inexperienced. Flash has some phenomenal tutorials on how to make your own buttons. You'll find it quick and easy to generate a Flash App that has your own unique look and feel, and a depth of quality that'll progress as you become more experienced. Also have a look at the plethora of sites with colour wheels displaying complementary colour schemes. Aesthetics is the key.

Good luck, and keep up with the designs!

Simonp responds:

I know that circling differences isn't the best way to do it... but when I surveyed people while the making it was the prefered choice between making the difference dissapear or circling it... I don't know if you have worked on flash but some things aren't easy to do...

For the audio, I did most of my game on work computer which have no speakers and I wouldn't know what to put in audio... well you still have your own music (I hope for you)

For the progressive differences: I saw someone who did that and the thing I can say is: Ouff!! I have de-compiled his work to learn of how it was made but it's a hard work... And it cannot give a nice result on plain images like I used... it must be images that moves or at least blink to make it impossible to spot the change too quickly...

It's my first flash and it take me a long time to learn differents commands required (I did the game to learn, not to copycat others games)

Photoshop is crap... Paint of windows 7 is way over :D

Thanks for your review!


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

A hint

It's easy to cheat your game. Hit TAB and watch the differences being enlighted.

I would give it bigger points unless if you "forbide" this "hacking".
And if you want to PM me about game making: here I am.

No, you did not understood. No one did. I AM HERE. AVALIBLE. WITH DISPONIBILITY. Now you understood. :D

Simonp responds:

Understood, hack removed...

I'm not making a "hack-me game" so I'm not trying to find all ways to hack a game to protect my own minigame after...

Thanks for the warning (but next time, think of what the game will be without that bug before giving such scores :*( )


Rated 3 / 5 stars


It needs it.

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Simonp responds:

Well, I suppose it's true, but I wouldn't know what to put in audio track... well you still have your own music (I hope for you)