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Does GOD Exist? Find out!

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Author Comments

StiK asks the Magic Hamster if God and Father Christmas exists. Darwins theories are scrutinised as well.

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this is foolish, and if thats u ur pretty british.

stik responds:

I'm 100% British.

A hint

Express ideology and get blammed.

I am astonished that your video wasn't blammed! The score, at the moment I wrote this movie, was 1.88.

If you post a socialist video, some capitalist will give 0. If you do capitalism apology... Well, guess what socialists will do?

Remember: ALMOST everyone with religion blammed this video.

Also: Darwinism IS ONLY AGANIST BIBLE'S GENESIS ***IF*** you consider a LITERALLY interpreted Genesis. I am not here to do Christianism apology, but bible is a poetic book. Do you really think that the forbidden tree was material, even in Christianism? OR THAT ANY MODAF*** SNAKE ****CAN **** talk?

Bible is a metaphor. It's not a question that atheism is wrong or right. Or if god really exists. It's a question that both aren't related each other unless if you misunderstand: darwin, bible or both.

Overall: good since you can animate nicely the Hamster. Bad, since you got some empty ideology (explained above why it's empty), touched a hard question and has few things involving flash (you appear 99% of the time while your "friend" briefly appears).


stik responds:

Yeah and I belive Father Christmas exists as well don't forget. I guess it's the people that belive Santa exists that saved me.
It's just a bit of random fluff.

Something I always try to remind flashers

Newgrounds = Flash. Requires skill. If Newgrounds was for videos, we'd have a video portal.

As for the matter at hand that you tried to prove, it was completely and blatantly.. Retarded. Ask the "Magic Hamster": Hey Magic Hamster, is my name Rick? Indeedy Doo!

I respect everyone's religious believes be it Jew, Atheist, Agnostic etc. and if someone actually has a point to their argument I don't mind answering back. But something like this just makes your point seem even more retarded.

I'd give this a decent score without caring one bit about your little rant if you at least used flash techniques. Yes, claymations and other stop motions did carry a name in newgrounds, but they actually used flash to animate it.

stik responds:

The character, Magic Hamster was animated in Flash. I animated him. :-)

Your last question was...

And I quote: "Darwin?"

So....how does that prove Darwin is right?

But, it was okay, I guess. It served it's purpose.
Kinda funny, though, because some atheists will take this literally, which honestly, is sad. XD

stik responds:

It doesn't. It's silly.

Kinda...special one.

First I was sure that the hamster would say God DOES exist, but then I was happy 'bout the answer =D

Not bad flash =D

Credits & Info

3.21 / 5.00

Dec 11, 2009
1:48 PM EST