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S-RPG PSP Adaption 17.9

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EDIT: One note... This is going to look the same as my other versions. If you wanna see the updates, you have to actually go and search for the new games to see any change.

A lot has changed since I last submitted this. Read below for more details.

This is basically a tribute to Stick RPG that got out of hand, and by now, it beats the original by a landslide. It has several minigames that Stick RPG doesn't, and loads of new features. It also works for the PSP! Instructions below.

>> I've added a dance minigame similar to DDR!
>> I've added some secrets such as getting a date, having an epiphany, and finding an invisible block that doubles your experience!
>> I've also added a make-your-own platformer for you creative-minded people, and more achievements to get.
>> The statistic statuses now go beyond Godly, to Titan, Sublime, and Maxed!
>> The bar fight has been reanimated, and I've added health and experience bars that will give you an idea of how close you are to death or leveling up.
>> There's more graphics of people. You shouldn't feel like you're alone in the stick universe QUITE as much.
>> The shop is easier to navigate (especially for the PSP), and has a smoother interface.
>> The mirror now saves your appearance.
>> Lastly, there's some navigation shortcuts you can use that are particularly useful on the PSP, where you can use arrow keys instead of clicking.

Use the arrow keys to move or navigate the depicted shortcuts on buttons.
Click a button to do what it says on it, or what the display box says when you roll over it.
Get as many achievements as possible and get your stats as high as possible!

-To download, visit this site and download it (Remove any spaces):
http://www.freewebs.com/h ork-bajir/updates.htm?blo gentryid=4487367
Remove space in hork-bajir and in blogentry.
NOTE: Download link may not be latest version!!

Onto PSP:
-Connect your PSP to your computer via USB
-In folder CONTAINING folder labeled PSP, create new folder labeled "Flash"
-Drop raw SWF file into that folder

To play on PSP:
-Open your Internet Browser on far right
-Cancel internet connection
-Insert in URL:
NOTE: If you changed name of the game file, change it on above URL.

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This is cool because its like stick rpg

A nice game that is influenced by Sick RPG. Being able to play it on a PSP is a good feature.

Kwing responds:


lol glith

i kepped sleeping and then had alot of HP then went to work and worked till i got the maximum ($599) ad then tryied to beer battle i couldent...
then later spent uit all at the market and tried it again...
and it didnt work...

Kwing responds:

You can't get into Bar Fights at midnight.


theres so much you can do in this!! please make more!! so addicting!!

Kwing responds:

I'm gonna release V20 soon. I'm working on the graphics to make them uber-cool. There's even going to be a story mode, and... You guessed it, MORE MINIGAMES! :)

Good job!

Nice game. This isnt too good for a computer flash game, but for a PSP game its pretty good.
Im going to download it :D

Kwing responds:

Thanks man! I'm eventually going to do a super-update and hopefully skip all the way to SRPG: PSP Adaption V20! We'll see where that goes. I'm hoping to add Story Mode!

Credits & Info

4.19 / 5.00

Dec 10, 2009
4:58 PM EST