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Dec 10, 2009 | 4:08 PM EST

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EDIT: Thanks so much! I didn't check this for like a week after the bad score and totally missed my second front page! All of harsh comments don't really bother me too much. Perhaps I'll make an even longer one for all of the haters.

EDIT 2: This is definitely an underdog.

I haven't uploaded anything here forever, so when I had to make an animation for a final project, I was excited to finally show you guys some of my new work! This is probably the most FBF intensive thing I've ever done (which isn't saying much).

The concept is basically this...

The hole represents the link between our inner selves and the outside world. The ghosts represent all of our...well, ghosts. After the release, we sometimes our able to reach out and strive for things that we haven't been able to before. Unfortunately, though, sometimes our prior actions have a way of stealing the things we want the most.

Make sense? No? Eh, whatever.

Hope you enjoy it! It's pretty brief, so it won't waste too much of your life at the very least.



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lazy people

the audience is getting lazy ... there is so much room for interpretation but you people don't want to think about what you saw and what happened with yourself! the artist was nice enough to write down the meaning of his conceptual work but you still don't want to think about it. all that you want is cheap entertainment!

ps: i really like it! one thing i want to criticize are the ghosts. "The ghosts represent all of our...well, ghosts." this is a bit to ... kitschy and simple for me! but maybe that's just your style. and i hate to say this but it could have been longer to intensify my impressions. nonetheless it is a good animation!

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Loved the music! Pretty trippy and that's great! It's so nice to get a nice short flash every now and then.

Please note that I'm high while writing this review, however...


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I'm glad you explained it...

Otherwise, it would have been even harder to follow.


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Too short, not really a point to the song, and there was bad animation. for suggestions you could always make it longer by just putting effort into your work and your animation, well maybe you need a better program for working on the stuff. and last the song it didnt really make any sense.....but you know you could ignore everything then that bot guy will delete my comment sooo yeah

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