Pac vs Alien

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Pac and his girlfriend were enjoying a lovely day on the sea coast. Suddenly a flying UFO appeared and kidnapped Pac's girlfriend. Help Pac to liberate his girlfriend and to punish the Alien.


All round happy feelings

I really enjoyed this game. A fun quirky style incorporating elements of some of the most successful flash games. Simple instructions and well thought out story progression make for an all round enjoyable experience.
There are some changes that need to be made though...my first play through the Asteroid level I completed it...I was very lucky. On replay I spent a v. frustrating 5 minutes trying to complete again including more than one occasion where a solid wall of rocks that were completely unavoidable prevented me from completing. I think this level needs to go back to the "drawing board".
Aside from that each level has a clear objective and an easy control system that is clearly explained....
One suggestion...on completion why not include a level select so we can go back and play the levels that we really enjoyed.
All in all a great submission though ... great job.

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i dont know what some of the other people are talking about, its not really hard at all. all you really need is just a little skill. i liked all the different minigames, it was very fun. i loved the pacman song remix, could you give me the link to wherever you got it from so i can download it? otherwise, great game


you all say this is a hard game?
how dumb are you? xD
i made it in 7 minutes and the only thing where it took time to finish was ... let me think.. nothing xD

its a bit too short ^^

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Good game with a few cons, EEEVIL reviewers

This game is very good overall but has a few problems
The controls are very good and fluid
The minigames are fun and don't get boring
the graphics are not bad
fun overall
cute story
In the level were u have to put the ship together, u should have more time
the level where you fly in your ship in a cave is too long
The difficulty is not consistant: in a game it should get harder and harder but here it goes up and down
It could have a bit more originaliy in the minigames but it is fine

exept for these few tiny problems, this is an awesome game :) and all these old rotten bottoms (I am luckily for them not allowed to swear) That gave you a bad review without anny consistant reason are just n00bs caus' they find it to hard so **** them

reminds me of warioware

and i luv me teh warioware the ship in the battle with that alien dude couldve been a little more responsive though

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3.37 / 5.00

Dec 10, 2009
7:00 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Other