Chicken and Egg

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Author Comments

Short cartoon done for a college class. It was either animation or long paper, so duh a cartoon is better. First NG submission although I've been crawling around the FlashPortal for years now. good to finally submit something :)

*12/19 Hey thanks for the great reviews everyone! sorry I haven't been very attentive cuz I've been doing finals for the past two weeks, but I'm really surprised at the average review score, thats great! thanks again!!

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Didn't see that coming

This is a wonderful example of economical story telling, you've just drawn the things necessary to tell the story, nothing more. I love it! I hope you're going to continue making flash stuff in the future, because you've really got a knack for it! :D

Otaku32 responds:

Thanks a lot! I'll try to make some more but I hardly ever finish a project XP

Great Stuff!

The animation and the music go great together. Very cute and funny, reminds me of a good television short for kids. Although I know those songs, I kinda hoped in your credits you'd have the artist/band that does them. All in all great job!

Otaku32 responds:

Okay lets see...
I used Spring Song, Vivaldi Summer & Winter, Spanish Flea, and Beach Parade. Thanks for the review :)

Very Nice

Awesome music, really good choices. Thanks for your work.

Otaku32 responds:

and thank you for your review


I have to say this ammused me, especially
A) The chickens pulling out the guns
B) The twist at the end I never saw coming.

Also the animation was pretty smooth and although not advanced good in a simple yet stylized way. For a first submission... hell for even if it weren't a first submission I'd be impressed.

You should keep making animations and maybe get into either some more advanced black and white like this or some color stuff. :)

Otaku32 responds:

Thanks :) tbh though, I'd never be patient enough to do more advanced fbf animation, it sooo time-consuming XP but I'll give it a shot sooner or later :)

Nice, good job.

Nice one, I liked it at the end, at first I thought the animation was bad and the story was nothing new, but as I watched it the animation seemed to be perfect for this and the end was something new and unexpected for me.

Good job =)

Otaku32 responds:

Thanks for being patient and glad you enjoyed it :)

Credits & Info

3.91 / 5.00

Dec 10, 2009
3:26 AM EST
Comedy - Original