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Author Comments

A basic platformer with various 'Twists" throughout the game.
Now with fixed sound!

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Needs Work

It's certainly not the worst thing I've seen, but there are a few tweaks that could make this game much better. Bounce is a great idea that is executed poorly. The idea of using different physics effects isn't exactly original, but the way that Bounce makes it work somehow gives it a sense of originality.

An excellent idea that could use just a bit of work.

Almost a puzzle game

A fun game, and parts of it are almost puzzles. The graphics could be improved though. Also, you can't see enough of the level.

SyndromeGames responds:

Yeah, not gonna be a V-Cam in the next version, I think, and going to do a collab with an artist for my next game.

Needs Lots of Work

It's decent, but it needs a lot more. For one, you need to learn how to draw. Give the character some lighting, and maybe make him a bit more than a ball.

Second, the ground needs way more texture. Just create a Group over your current ground and make it artistic. You could draw lava over the red spots to make it look more cinematic, or maybe grass over the ground or something, or polish up the yellow sunbeams. That would have made tons of difference.

It seems like you might be using copy/paste tutorials... The engine at the beginning reminded me of FeindishDemon's tutorial, while the space levels reminded me of Ball Revamped, except that it had way better hitTest for the corners. I think you'd have used the same hitTest for the entire thing if you had written all the script yourself.

It needs way more levels for the different realms, like Neon and Space, and it also needed something like a Level Select you could go back to. The balance was whack.

One more note was that the inverted colors thing was stupid. You're just redoing the same level with different colors for no reason? Come on. You changed ONE of the levels for it, and that's it.

Lastly, the V-Cam was way too small, giving the player a bad view of the map. Just use the Free Transform tool to make it bigger.

Needs tons of work, most prominently in the graphics area. I used to draw graphics almost that bad, but the important thing is not to let a single color take up to much area of the screen. Even using Bevel filters is better than it.

SyndromeGames responds:

Thanks for the thought out review! I am going to do a collab with an artist for my next game concerning the artwork. (WOOT) Not gonna have a V-Cam, or very much reworked V-Cam. And to be totally truthful, i DID use a tutorial. It's not like I didn't put any work into this, I've put COUNTLESS hours into this game, whether it was reworking the code to meet my needs, or making the levels, I did a fair bit. Is using a tutorial really like cheating though? If you are in school, and you learn how to do something from a teacher, and you use what he teached you in the test, is that cheating? The tutorials are made for people to learn. Well, thank you for the review, I will certainly keep what you said in mind.


Decent but neds some work.

I found the close up views in later levels annoying, and would have preferred a fixed viewpoint for all levels. Also, the music crapped out after a minute or so.

SyndromeGames responds:

Yeah, For my next game, I will either really rewwork the V-Cam, or make all the levels fixed viewpoint.

Credits & Info

3.47 / 5.00

Dec 9, 2009
7:48 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop