Krueger Vs. Smash Bros.

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So here I am, in Advanced Digital Graphics class. The class was split into 3 different teams, and this is my team's End of the Semester Flash Project. Mr Krueger, Our Digital Graphics teacher and Soccer Coach, VS. Mario, Kirby, and other Smash Bros characters. Basically, he get's the crap beaten outta him. :D

THANK YOU To my team, Average Joes.

Juan, Justin, Gabe, Steve, and yes, even you Tayler. Gracias. :D Even if I did practically make 87% of the movie myself. >_> And sorry Gabe for not finding a place for Jigglypuff, there simply was not enough time... (And that's Tayler singing at the end btw)

To me, this movie is EXTREMELY incomplete, I wanted to have a huge epic fight between Coach Krueger and Master Hand, but there was simple NOT enough time. -_-

And thank you, Mr. Krueger for being such a good sport. :P

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Well if i made a similar video

It would involve me tearing the guts out of most of the characters. Except samus becuase she's a chick, she'd just get out of the arena a binch of times. I'm not implying anything about me but that game was insane easy no matter wat character i used.

kinda funny stuff

good art, sound, and animation, thugh being double teamed by samus and mario ugh, poor guy :) i thought about doing this kinda idea, but with a different game....


one of my favorite thing about this movie is that is wasnt a 20 second piece of crap it wasnt short and it was funny and actually GOOD, my fav pat was probably when link spawned then died, that would of been a perfect moment for putting in WTF BOOM! ;)

that was pretty epic

nice work i loled a few times

very funny

make another one!

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4.55 / 5.00

Dec 9, 2009
5:07 PM EST
Comedy - Parody