the Last of the Dashkin

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This is the story of the last of the dashkin. The people are all gone and in a world of innocent animals, the solitude, the sadness and bitterness have corrupted his view of life. What does the future hold for such a tragic creature? Will he wander the planet, forever alone until his death? Will he always be the wild King of Brackenwood?

It's a massive honour to be nominated for a 2nd Tank Award, thanks NG! Thank you for front page, all the great reviews and the incredible score for Daily Feature.
Thanks to Brackenwood fans and donors for all the support not only during the 4 weeks I spent making this, but also in the 2 years since I submitted Waterlollies.

Since then I've been working on the Brackenwood feature film outline with my good friend Ryan O'Loughlin. With no plans for a new web episode in the meantime it occurred to me that Brackenwood fans could be waiting years for the feature. I didn't want to abandon them altogether, so this new movie is my way of staying in touch with them and the NG audience.

This is the first Brackenwood short to break away from the "character introduction" style movies that had little or no character motivation and plot. This is a story, not only answering a lot of questions, but asking just as many new ones.

I used Flash CS3, the .fla is over 300MB (half of that is audio) and it took me 4 weeks.
Don't worry I won't be leaving it another 2 years. I plan on starting storyboards on the conclusion in jan-feb 2010.


Always my favorite

Adam, ever since I discovered Brackenwood years ago on Newgrounds, your series has always had a special place in my heart. I trust you not to rush the development of the feature film, but I am eagerly looking forward to, some years down the road, sitting down, watching it, and loving it.

Please always keep up the good work. Always.

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The Renaissance Of Newgrounds

It was cheerful at times, dark and depressing at times, but it always maintained to contain to a well scripted story that told a magnificent tale. The World that is presented is stunning and immersive. The creatures designed are curious and shiny. I really enjoyed this piece and all of your other work and I cannot wait for more!

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As usual your work astonishes me. Thanks for the backstory too. This is great and provides some much needed background for poor Bitey. :)

Couldnt help but watch it again

Very imaginative, creating a whole world of life and stories isn't easy.

Not to mention the animation is the most beautiful i've seen on NW

Choice of music- perfect

choice of narration voice- perfect

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A Welcomed Deviation from your Previous Styles

A lot of the lower reviews criticize your choice of narration, the removal of the ambiguity of the previous episodes, etc.

Now, if you had gone your normal route of "Bitey relaxing, notices a weird creature, engages in it/teases it, gets in to mischief", those naysayers would praise you but then you would have others saying "it's the same Adam Phillips every time".

Dead if you do, dead if you don't

I WILL admit the narration was a strong deviation from what you usually do, but god forbid you try to change things up, whether your story calls for it or if you are experimenting.

Ah the keyword..."YOUR STORY"...That witch was the first human I've ever seen in a Brackenwood animation. No that does not destroy the wonder of it just because it's not a creature, and I am pretty sure there is more to this character than just a "water witch". I personally don't give a damn if something is not 100% original. Essentially everything has been done before, and just because it has doesn't mean you can't do it as well if you do it right.

The animation, as always, was superb. You can see where you took shortcuts (certain tweens, and close ups), but honestly, you are doing an immense amount of work for free on your free time...Nothing wrong with cutting here and there. However, your backgrounds seem much better in this animation than your previous ones and I am always stunned to see you accomplish them in FLASH. I use them as reference material many times. You also had a lot more camera angle turns, making the movie more 3 dimensional. I love the shot of him dashing across the land right before he sees the witch. I will admit the filters looked sloppy sometimes. I know you had to reduce the quality so the flash would run well, but it did suffer.

Now the narration...This is YOUR idea. You don't need US to wonder about a mystery if you have cold hard facts about YOUR characters and YOUR world. I personally like when there is concrete information about a character and not just ambiguous/metaphorical details. Instead of "a strange creature in a land far away", you actually have a planet with an ecosystem. I like that kind of stuff, but at the same time, "the world of wonder and mystery" is not destroyed, like some others jump to criticize, because it is still a fascinating world. If anything, it would be MORE CLICHE to just have it be as "some fantasy world" and not give it a planet, or the animals specie names, etc.

However, this was the first time you showed us Bitey's childhood and motive to be a trouble maker. This did not benefit from the narration. I felt there would have been a stronger impact and sense of sympathy if we simply followed a flashback/dream of Bitey as a child. You had a nice scene like that in the animation, but it was brief. This narration also seems more like a bridge rather than a standalone story, so that's another thing people who enjoy your typical work may need to accept.

Once again, a fantastic piece of animation. I welcome your switch up in style and I embrace the fact that you are making a "factual" fantasy world. The narration worked for the most part, but I feel an entire animation could have been dedicated to Bitey's past, rather than a montage like this. I think viewers need to lighten up and wait to see what you have in store, but I am confident you will please us.

I would like to give this a 9/10 since it does have it's flaws, but the production values are too damn high relative to other submissions on this site, that I have to give it a 10

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chluaid responds:

dude thanks for an excellent review. All your criticism is perfectly justified and I especially refer to your comments re: narration. I completely agree on each point. I also really appreciate your observation that the narration seems like a bridge, rather than a standalone story and I can tell you've considered my motive as a writer and director before making a surface judgement and just started typing. For that, thank you.

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