Moonlight Sonata: The Den

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You were a grunt amongst many, sticking to your orders to safely transport an artifact of unknown value from a hovel outside of the Baldoran Empire's borders. The mission was classified as extremely risky; traveling through the rugged Lupain country, known for its many dens of iniquity is crazy at best and suicide at worst. However no expense was spared for this mission, as the convoy was equipped to the gills with top-class soldiers, all provisioned with the latest and greatest Baldoran weaponry science could create. But no one expected the Lupain to be so well organized. A series of well-placed roadside bombs ripped through the soft underbelly of the convoy. Soldiers who could lift a gun where slaughtered. All you could hear were the screams of the dying and the endless howling of Lupain ... too bad no one told us we were the decoy. You are the lone survivor. You radioed for help ... but it's fourteen days away. Now, your new mission is to survive

Inspired by RE5 and Last Stand

Fixed some weapon related bugs

After 2 days of searching we finally found that "Doesn't work" bug and it has been fixed!
Also fixed the embedded fonts to actually work! Yay!


You, my good sir, are an asshole. This a direct and complete ripoff of "The Last Stand" 1 AND 2. Get some original content to post, or don't post at all.


Its an ok game but its a nock off of last stand all you did was make the zombies lycans. But your graphics were good.


really cool game! yea i do see how its influenced by RE and LS, but it still has its own feeling to it. so im guessing if you combine those 2 you get a van helsing/castlevania type of thing? well that's freaking awesome! i saw moonlight sonata from the menu and automatically went to it because of the first RE when you play it on the piano. and to see that the game was influenced by RE was a plus! but yea when you die it is a bummer, i agree with doom-kettle by saying it needs check points. but when you do die though you get all the weapons back that you had before and all the scraps and upgrades taken away so its not a total loss, idk if thats a glitch from coding or what but if its not then could you add a erase data option? lol something would be helpful is getting more scraps every level end for barricade upgrades, because in the later levels the wolves start to really come in. but it is still beatable w/o barricade upgrades. i loved the look of everything, the weapons, the case holding them, the clothes the girl was wearing, the wolves. the weapons though, they did need more..like they were underpowered or they needed to have a higher rate of fire, or something they just didn't fit the part as a assault rifle or sub-machine gun, etc., i mean like even after the upgrades they were a bit under powered i guess would be the word again..oh and if this game came out during halloween then it would of been a huge success! coming out right around Christmas is weird but since its a good game its still good rofl.. well i guess i ran out of things to complain about, which i guess is a good thing. lol well this is a very good game and you should make more of them for sure!!


...add them... I mean seriously, you can die on level 14 and have to go all the way back to the start [like me :( ]. Also, fix that equipment system.
other than that, this is a good game. good artwork, good idea and good gameplay. needed more testing though.

hardcircle responds:

We are looking into all these problems right now. Thanks to everyone on the reports.

Great Game. But...

This was a very good game, I liked the plot the gameplay the useage of "scraps" to upgrade...but I do have a few problems that took a few points off:

1. The weapons seemed to be rather weak...I had found the revolver, the crossbow, the carbine and the sawed off. And all of them were really weak as far as firepower went. When I found the sawed off I was like "Great! Fully upgrade this bad boy and look out Lupains." But I took 3 shots just to bring down a regular wolf. I know you wanted to make it a challenge in the later stages but 3 shotgun blasts to take out a wolf...that's just insane

2. Instead of searching for scraps and weapons have the weapons already on hand but in disrepair and you need the scraps to get them back in working order...the odds of finding a good powerful weapon not very good and having the ability to "buy" better wepons instead of hoping to find one is alot better in my book.

3. Instead of wasting the daylight hours to repair AND search have a reapir function that you can use without eating up time--have the baddies drop scraps as well and you can use the scraps as "money" to repair as well as upgrade. If you had a bad wave and you're near zero on your barricade and you use up say 8 or 9 hours to repair you're not gonna find anything to help you get though the 14 days.

That's about it. I might tweak the aiming a little...it's a little hard to try and move to where a Lupian is to get a good shot if you have 8 of them coming at you at once, if you can just stay in one place and still get kills it'd be a little easier.

Also...in reguard to Frederik77's post that it was "too easy" it sounds like you might have played the game a little but died fairly early on--possibly the 1st or 2nd wave--since you obvoiusly know nothing about the upgrades to the weapons you find which are cruical to kill the baddies in later waves as they get stronger. You must be trying to save face for not doing so well.

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3.33 / 5.00

Dec 9, 2009
7:51 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Fixed