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Strip Poker with Scyra

In this free version, you will be able to strip Scyra down to her last 2 lingerie clothes. The game is fully functional. There aren't any betting involved in this game. When you win, she takes a piece of clothes off, when you lose she gains a piece of clothes back. If you lose, and she is fully clothed, you lose a piece of clothes. When all your clothes are gone, the game is over. Good luck. Have fun!

Happy Holidays! (Merry Christmas!)

FYI: Scyra is a furry character from our Quest for Fun series first appeared on Vixine.com - an Adult Furry Fantasy website.

Check out my profile for other neat games! I'll be posting more Christmas themed games this week.

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Same as the Zandra and Ke'Rees one

"Good luck. Have fun!"

I failed at both. I had the feeling the game cheats during almost every hand. Ridiculous odds for the completion of a high-end hand (flush, straight), and she gets it. This started to frustrate me to no end. And when the game keeps on discarding while I can no longer win with my current hand after discarding starts to feel like prolonged torture of my loss. The remarks made by the character often have no basis: "You almost had it", while I had no combination at all? "Better luck next time", while with two pair (two Aces, two Queens) I still get beaten by two Aces and two Kings?

After playing non-stop for more than half an hour, I decided to stop this sadomasochistic behavior. Improve the interaction with the character, make sure the remarks are correct to the situation, and stop when it is clear either the player or AI can no longer win, even after discarding.

good game

it would have been better if you were able to gamble with money and clothing instead of just clothing. that and the fact that im able to see her cards as well as mine, /i couldnt bluff her into losing like i usually would... other then that great game 8/10

RonPimpster responds:

Hello. Thanks for the review. Yeah, we make different Card game styles. This is just one of them. We have betting with money in another game variation. I wanted to have this game to be simple, and just keep it to 'stripping' with clothes as something to wager. The idea for both players being able to see cards is similar to how you would play Blackjack.