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Potbot is a hard worker. He loves delivering coffee!

I did this short CG animation for my final for this semester. It's due tomorrow but YOU get to see it early! Lucky you!!

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Nice thing to it. But potbot did not make an entrance when I asked for coffee,

Ahh yes

Potbot, Truly a hero to all, without whom, the world would snooze a lot more.
Lets see him come back some time, He's cute, and Kinda a cool idea, just needs some polishing. I can see a lot more done with it. but hey, What do I know?

great work

but i like iron bad way more, there was loads of detail put in to this movie and i got no clue how to make 3d animation but it seemed like you work extreamly hard on this so im giveing you a 5/5 but a 9 for this cause there could be a bit more funny scenes

Simple but good

This was a really basic 3D animation. I loved the design of all the backgrounds and the characters. I thought it was pretty cute too. But at many times during the movie the gravity and timing effects were off a lot. Like the shattered glass of the window. Or when pot bot jumped the sand hill. And like Lenko said, the pause between potbot arriving to the french guy and pouring him coffee. Which I think was just filler. Also this didn't really make me laugh that much. The only part that I actually laughed was when the subtitle came up that said "France, Genius". The only thing this movie depended on was its great 3D design. which I loved. And it's voice acting which was simple but enjoyable.

not about weed

you should totally meet everyones request and make one about a robot that delivers. =p

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3.50 / 5.00

Dec 9, 2009
1:27 AM EST