Adoptio - Mad-n Ire

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Here it is. I submitted the original a year ago... terrible. 13MB, 14,000 frames, unwatchable, because I had no animating skills those days. So I remade it in last three months. 3.5MB, 5,000 frames, cool action, same story. It is short, maybe too short.

Everything is said in the flash. Story - watch it. It is a Madness movie, with some "talking". I think the timing for the texts is good, if you can't read it, change quality to medium or high, I guess it will be pretty slow(it's very graphic sometimes). Also read the info in "Characters". I think I credited everyone that helped me. btw Sorry axeFX, I made your song a bit longer :D

That's all, I think I forgot lots of things to say, but I can't remember anything. Of course, I'll answer you if you ask. Vote fairly (DAILY TOP 5 PLZ XD).



a bite cofused but i like it, i just dunno the story but i´ve seen the old ones and i can say is very better than the old ones, very good i can wait for more

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Cool and new!

I liked the new twist. It was not that much weapons, I liked that!
Good work!

Nice Twist

I liked the addition of the power box and the fact that the hero had no powers, it makes the story more interesting. Maybe if you could slow the text down in the next release, it would be easier to read, or you could add voice to the characters. I also liked the character info in the beginning, it really helped understand the story a lot more.
Keep up the good work!

Don't ask

Don't ask for the daily top 5, that decreases your chances of getting it. It was pretty well-animated though. Good work!


*clap* Beast?! Happy cat is pleased.
dude, keep up the good work. PM me when 2 is out. i love this animation.
Amazing animating,
Great story.
10/10 5/5

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4.42 / 5.00

Dec 8, 2009
3:05 PM EST