The Last Gift

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A special Christmas animation about where we go after death, Purgatory, why Jesus is lord, ect.

In memory of my baby brother, who was eaten by a dingo last year.

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Wow, I was in no way expecting that. I really am surprised that happened. Then again, I probably should realize we all hate religion here. It's still a great cartoon. I think it probably would have worked better if it was serious. It does work fine as a Christmas cartoon.

I especially love the animation. Again, kind of negated by the end, but still. This was enjoyable to watch. It IS Sunday now, after all. I knew Jesus looked too cartoonish.

I hate the irony of this so much.


wtf is the point of this?

it was good

i am not giveing you a bad rateing for makeing fun of christianity, wich i am sure you did not intened. I just did not find it that funny. clever idea haveing the diferant people but not as well done as it could have been. i liked the animation though it was verry smooth. again i am not rateing you lower for makeing fun of christianity (i am a christan by the way) i just did not find Jesus pooping fish and what not on someones face all that funny.

i liked it

and christians should develop a sense of humor or gtfo. really good by the way.

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4.32 / 5.00

Dec 7, 2009
10:56 PM EST