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One o'clock 5 Points

Collect all clocks in level 1

Eleven o'clock 10 Points

Collect all clocks in level 11

Nineteen o'clock 10 Points

Collect all clocks in level 19

Eight o'clock 25 Points

Collect all clocks in level 8

Seventeen o'clock 25 Points

Collect all clocks in level 17

Ten o'clock 25 Points

Collect all clocks in level 10

Twelve o'clock 25 Points

Collect all clocks in level 12

Fourteen o'clock 50 Points

Collect all clocks in level 14

Three o'clock 50 Points

Collect all clocks in level 3

Two o'clock 50 Points

Collect all clocks in level 2

Author Comments

The new version features Medals and some optimizations for running in 30FPS. The Gameplay should be more fluid now.
It may take a day or two for the new version to be admin accepted!!


Scribbland is an innovative platformer game, where you use only one button to control the player (namely Left Mouse Button). To make the player move you just have to click and hold it, while if you want him to jump release said button. To move in mid-air, quickly release the button and then hold it again.
Your objective is to reach the exit while avoiding hazards and running into walls. You can play the game either in Easy Mode (You don't get killed when you run into wall, there are less enemies but the score is lower) or Hard Mode (Running into wall kills you, there are more enemies but the score is higher). Compete for the best score and get first on the Hiscore Board!


So, I realize some people (or majority) might not like the game thanks to the control scheme. Before you start throwing some wild accusations on me, please realize that the controls were the main quirk of the game and that was my intention from the beginning and it dates back to a couple of years ago to my older project (Happy Runner if anyone is concerned). Most people are just too used to old schemes I guess, whilst I, at least in gaming, am open to all kinds of innovation and I am sure some people will love Scribbland for this (I love the idea of one-button platformer personally).

Well, Thank You very much Newgrounds staff for putting this game on Front Page. I am really honored!


Pretty good...

You made a really nice game here. Although the controls are a little tough at first, everything else is fine. I would just like to notify you that you are able to walk directly through the spikes w/o dying. I'm not sure if you meant to do that, but it seems like a glitch to me. Besides that, great graphics, music, and level design. Keep up the good work!


The controls weren't the best choice, but they work in my opinion. I like how they add difficulty to the game.

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Wrong approach I'd say

The difficulty is only caused by the pointless and horrifyingly annoying control scheme. It really kills almost all the fun. Making a game hard simply by defining the controls as awkward as possible is a bad idea, in my opinion. It also looks silly how the hero moves and always jumps even if you dont want him to. The graphics are really cool though.

Skellus responds:

I can't disagree more. I, and many of the people I have talked with, find this game very enjoyable EXACTLY because of the controls, which is something new and adds some spice. And the control scheme is not awkward, you just have to get used to it - I don't know if you remember, but can you recall the first time you have ever played a 2D platformer? Was it easy for you to get the full grasp over the controls immediately? I could swear you, just like anyone else, did not. It is just natural that we are not good at something that is new, but if you immediately label something as bad you won't ever be able to enjoy it even the tiniest bit. And you are missing here quite a lot of fun :).


Nice, but it`s hard. The music fits though. (That music can fit too anything.)

Skellus responds:

Thanks! It was meant to be hard. I am not a fan of easy games personally.


Unique controls? Yes.
Good controls? No.

Not much else to say. Other than your control scheme, it's a very basic platformer. The graphics were decent. I like the main character.

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Skellus responds:

What are good controls? Those which make the game easier? Or those which increase the challenge? Or perhaps both? Or none? I don't know what you mean when you say the controls are bad. For me bad controls are such which make things more difficult without a real point. It's like using QAOP instead of Arrows or WSAD, or QEP; But here I get the feeling that the controls are just too difficult for you to master in a short period of time thus making them Bad. Noone is good at anything from the start, you also had to learn how to play platformers with arrows.

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Credits & Info

3.45 / 5.00

Dec 7, 2009
2:58 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other