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Danm Creeps Tower Defence

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A new tower defence, developed entirely by myself

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lost and not giving a damn

that's what this game is.....it shows no, quote me, no imagination, creativity, or interest in becoming anything more. please add some distinction to the towers, a decent money system, and maybe more enemies then come talk to me.

as a side note thanks for at least being able to actually program in flash

Try again.

I've played a lot of T.D games, and they were all pretty much like this, only they have better graphics and earning systems. All the same you are on the right track, I think with some more work you could make a good T.D game.

1/10 for this, but hopefully this will lead to you making something better.

try harder man

theres alot of tower defense games out there so you have to try alot harder than this. but it was a good try also a glitch i was getting coins for killing stuff after awhile.

not very good

this game should not have gotten past the portal in my opinion but ill give you somthing to work on with your next game

make diffrent looks for the towers they all look the same exept for color.

the coin gathering to spending ratio at the rate i was getting coins and the amount of coins i was getting at the end of each round id take me 75 rounds to get ONE sniper tower.

there was no break in between the waves giving you no time to place/stratagize for your tower placement.

try being a little more creative alot of TD games have been made and if you want to get anywhere your going to ahve to a dd SOME kind of twist instead of being the one average part of every game made combined.


needs some work

u cant get money in this game, and without money u cant buy towers..... and without towers...u cannot proceed past "X" level